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What was Germany called after the war? The Weimar Republic

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Text of What was Germany called after the war? The Weimar Republic

  • What was Germany called after the war?

    The Weimar Republic

  • Explain why it got this new name? [2]WEIMAR Because Germanys capital (Berlin) was too unsafe to meet in, so they met in Weimar instead.

    REPUBLIC Because it now had an elected leader (a President) instead of a King or KAISER.

    The Kaiser had run off to Holland at the end of the war!

  • What did many Germans believe their leaders had done to them by ending the war?


  • When was this treaty signed?

    July 1919

  • Whats a good way of remembering the key terms of the treaty?L A M BLANDARMY MONEY BLAME

  • In terms of land, list two of the key terms.

    Germany lost 13% of its land (and about 6 million people who lived there).

    Germany was split in two to give Poland access to the sea (the Polish Corridor).

  • What size of army was Germany allowed?


  • Who did the treaty blame for startingthe war?


  • What was the name of the massive fines Germany had to pay as a result?


  • How much did Germany have to pay in total?

    6,600 million!!

  • Why did Germany have no choice but to accept the treaty?

    She would be invaded if she didnt accept the terms.

  • Who were the Freikorps?Soldiers who had fought in the First World War, who now joined together.

    They hated the new democratic Weimar Republic they saw democracy as weak.


  • Were they left-wing or right-wing?

    RIGHT-WING!!![They hated democracy, and wanted the strong leadership of the Kaiser back]

  • Which group tried to take power in 1919? Were they extreme left-wing or extreme right-wing?SPARTACISTS

    They were a LEFT-WING, COMMUNIST group.

  • Which group stopped them? Were they extreme left-wing or extreme right-wing?THE FREIKORPS!!!

    They were RIGHT-WING[They hated democracy, and wanted the strong leadership of the Kaiser back]

  • Which group tried to take power in the 1920 KappPutsch?THE FREIKORPS!!!

    They thought that the Weimar Republic was so weak that it would be easy to take over.

    Led by Dr Kapp.

  • How was the Kapp Putsch by the Freikorps stopped?

    A strike by Berlins workers.

  • 1923 YEAR OF CRISIS!

    Why did the French invade the Ruhr in 1923?

    Because Germany had not paid any reparations in 1922, and under the terms of Versailles France was allowed to invade and help herself to what she wanted from Germany.

  • 1923 YEAR OF CRISIS!

    How did the Germans react to the French invasion?


    The Germans couldnt fight the French small army and too weak after the war, so they everyone in the Ruhr went on strike instead = Passive Resistance.

  • 1923 YEAR OF CRISIS!

    What economic problem did Passive Resistance lead to?

    1923!!! - HYPERINFLATION!!! 1923!!!

    The German government had told all its workers to stop working, but it still had to pay them! It did this by printing loads of money, but this meant that money lost all its value!!

  • 1923 YEAR OF CRISIS!

    Give examples of how Hyperinflation made life difficult for Germans.Money lost all its value at one stage an egg cost 80 million marks.

    People had to carry money around in wheelbarrows.

    By the time you got to the front of a queue the price of what you were buying had doubled.


    Give two groups of people who really suffered from Hyperinflation?

    1) Pensioners they were on a fixed income. There was no way this could keep up with the crazy prices.

    2) People with savings in the bank. Their savings had lost all their value.

  • 1923 YEAR OF CRISIS!

    Which man solved Hyperinflation, and how did he do it? [2 key measures]


    Ended Passive Resistance

    Introduced a new currency the Rentenmark

  • 1923 YEAR OF CRISIS!

    Why was ending Passive Resistance so unpopular with right-wing extremists like the Nazis?

    It was like giving in to the French.

    It was as if Stresemann was saying the Treaty of Versailles was fair, and that Germany should be paying reparations.

  • 1923 YEAR OF CRISIS!

    What did the Nazis do at the end of 1923 which showed how angry they were?

    The Munich Putsch

    Hitler and the Nazis tried to start a national revolution in Munich. It failed.

  • 1923 - YEAR OF CRISIS!

    Why did the Munich Putsch fail?

    Hitler had assumed the army and police would support him and join in.

    They did not.

  • 1923- YEAR OF CRISIS!

    What important lesson did Hitler learn from the failure of the Munich Putsch?

    That he would have to take power legally, and GET VOTED IN TO POWER.

    He had tried a violent revolution and it had failed.

  • 1923 YEAR OF CRISIS!

    What is the correct order of the following 5 events of 1923?

    Ending of Passive ResistanceHyperinflationMunich PutschInvasion of the RuhrPassive Resistance

  • 1923 YEAR OF CRISIS!

    Correct order of events:

    1) Invasion of the Ruhr2) Passive Resistance3) Hyperinflation4) Ending of Passive Resistance5) Munich Putsch

  • Name the job that Stresemann did in the German government.


  • What two things did Stresemann do to end the crisis of hyperinflation?

    Introduce a new currency the RENTENMARK

    Called off passive resistance

  • 43) What happened in 1924 that showed that he was helping? How did it help Germany? The DAWES PLAN gave Germany longer to pay the Allies and the US lent them 800 million marks!

    It helped Germany because they could thenimprove housing, hospitals, schools androads

  • What was decided at the Locarno Pact of 1925?

    Germany, France, Belgium & Italy agreednot to invade one another

  • Which organisation was Germany allowed to join in 1926?


  • Why was Stresemann unpopular with right-wing extremists?

    They thought he was weak because he:

    had given in to the French over the Ruhr crisis

    he had agreed to fulfil the terms of Versailles

  • What happened in 1929 which helped Germany?

    The YOUNG PLAN lowered the reparations that Germany had to pay

  • Which event in 1929 brought the Golden Years to an end?

    The Wall Street Crash

  • Did Hitler take power by force?

    NO NO NO!!!

  • What lesson had the failure of the Munich Putsch taught Hitler?

    To take power legally!

  • Which event in 1929 played a key role in helping Hitler come to power?

    The Wall Street Crash

  • As one thing in Germany got worse and worse, more and more people voted for the Nazis. What was that thing and how big was the problem by 1932?


    6 million unemployed by1932!!!

  • The Nazis twisted the truth and told lies to win peoples support. Whats the word for this?


  • Give an example of a key Nazi slogan used in the elections.Hitler our lasthope!

  • Why did the fact that the Communists were getting stronger actually help the Nazis?

    Because many people really FEARED thatthe Communists would take over thecountry. So they turned to the Nazis instead!

  • Who was the President of Germany both before & after Hitler came to power?


  • What were the names of the 3 chancellors who failed to solve the problems of the Great Depression?




  • What percentage voted for Nazis in 1928?

    2%(the year before the Wall Street Crash!)

  • What percentage voted for Nazis in 1932?

    37% !!!(After the Wall Street Crash by 1932 6 million people were unemployed.)

  • Why did Hindenburg have no choice but to ask Hitler to become Chancellor?

    3 Chancellors had come and gone in three years (B,P,S) and all failed Hindenburg chose Hitler because he was the most popular figure

  • When did Hitler become Chancellor?30thJanuary 1933






    Wall Street Crash


    UNEMPLOYMENT !!!6 million in 1932

  • What kind of leader did Hitler plan to be?


  • Was Hitler President or Chancellor? Who was the only man in Germany more powerful than him?

    Hitler = Chancellor

    Hindenburg = President, i.e.more powerful than Hitler!

  • What happened in February 1933?

    The Reichstag Fire!

  • Which party was banned as a result?

    Communist Party was banned

  • What was the Enabling Law?

    This law gave Hitler the power topass laws without going throughthe Reichstag (parliament) or thePresident. This would place allpower in his hands!

  • What happened to all of Germanys trade unions in May 1933?

    Trade Unions were banned and unionleaders were arrested.

  • Which Nazi-controlled organisation replaced trade unions?The GermanLabour Front(DAF)

  • What else was banned in 1933?All political parties!

  • Who was the leader of the SA/Brownshirts?Rohm

  • What was the event when all the leaders of the SA were murdered, and in which year did it happen?The Night of the Long Knives!


  • What did Hitler do when Hindenburg died in 1934,