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Ecological problems in Novomoskovsk:. with camera around the town. Plan. 1. The Environmental Crisis-Number One International Problem 2. My World is My Native Town: my street, my house, my gymnasium… a. Historic background of the town; b. Places we were proud of; - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • 1.The Environmental Crisis-Number One International Problem 2.My World is My Native Town: my street, my house, my gymnasium a. Historic background of the town; b. Places we were proud of; c. What we have in reality; d. Our former school garden; e.What we feel sorrow for; 3.What should Done to Save Our Small Motherland


  • Municipal Comprehensive InstitutionGymnasium 13 Foreign Language Teachers:Avramenko Margarita NickolaevnaBabitcheva Lidiya Ivanovna

  • Hug the Earth (by Lorraine Bays)Walking along feeling freeFeeling the earth here with meAnd I love her, she loves me.I hug the Earth, the Earth hugs me.Shes our friend,Wed like to be together forever.The earth is a garden.Its a beautiful place.For all living creatures,For all the human race.Helping Mother Earth We can peacefully roam.

    Helping Mother Earth We can peacefully roam.We all deserve a place We can call our home. Food is a treasure from the soil and the sea. Clean, flesh air from the plants of the tress. The warmth of the sun giving life each day.Turns water into rain, its natures way.And I would like to thank you, Mother Earth,I like to see you dressed in green and blueI want to be by you.

  • Ecology Ecological problems Air pollution Water pollution Well-known words. We hear them almost every day on TV or radio, at our lessons at school. Environment is everything around us. Some people live in a town, some in the countryside. But we all live on this fragile planet. We have got the whole world in our hands. The problems of our planet interest not only adults-above all-us, young people. Do you like to fish? Do you like to breathe fresh air? Do you like to watch birds and hear them sing? If you do, we shall have to treat our Earth.

    For a long time people have used their Earth home without thinking of what is happening to. Our ancestors considered the Earths resources to be boundless and endless. Their greed, egoism, lack of ecological education are responsible for creating ecological tragedies.

  • What does the environmental crisis mean?

    To understand this we must begin at the source of life itself: the earths thin skin of air, water and soil, bathed by the radiant solar life. In nature all processes are in constant balanced interaction. There is no waste in nature. Nothing is created, nothing is lost. Everything is recycled endlessly. The environmental crisis means that this perfect and delicate balance has begin to break down and the relationship between life and its earthly surroundings have begun to collapse. The environmental degradation continues to accelerate. And rain is destroying areas of forest and lakes. We pollute our rivers, oceans, and the sky, forgetting that we need water and air to live and breathe. As a result of our new technologies of land use we lose soil, which is the base of civilization. Thats why the aim of our project is to attract our authorities attention to ecological problems in our native town and to call for fundamental changes now!

  • The Earth is our home. Our world is Novomoskovsk What sort of home it depends on how we treat it as well as the houses we live in, how we take care of them. We mustnt stand aloof. So, we took our camera and walked around our town. A lot of pictures will help to illustrate our towns problems. We live in Novomoskovsk, its the second largest town in our region after Tula. Novomoskovsk was founded in 1930 and it has changed its name three times during its history. First it was called Bobriki, then Stalinogorsk and in 1961 it became Novomoskovsk. Our town was in Moscow region from 1942 1957. Now it is an industrial town with the population of about 150 000 people. Its easily found on every map, because Novomoskovsk has its own special location: at the beginning of the Great Russian river Don. The town is situated between the Don and the Shat, another river. Novomoskovsk is located 230 km. south of Moscow and it takes about three hours to get to the capital by car or by bus. As Novomoskovsk is a modern industrial center, the biggest university of our town is the chemical-technological university named after D.I. Mendeleev. There are two gymnasiums, one lyceum, Art School, two Music schools, track and field school and even school devoted to Pushkin. Have a look at the pictures illustrating this information.

  • our streets, our houses our gymnasium

  • Not by chance our town is called a town of flowers, green trees and gardens.There are a lot of beautiful streets, squares and 2 wonderful parks in it.

  • Because of a great number of chemical plants, our town needs green lungs. The Childrens Park was founded in 1950

  • There is a railway for children, the only in Tula Region, in it. It is a unique cultural and natural place of Novomoskovsk, planted by the youth in 1950s.

  • There is a source of the Don-river in our Childrens Park.

  • DO YOU KNOW THE LEGEND?The source of the Don is the main landmark of Novomoskovsk. But have you heardthe legend about Ivan-Lake and the Don and the Shat rivers? It goes like this.The old Ivan - Lake had two sons the Don Ivanovich and the Shat Ivanovich. The brothers were very different. The oldest Don was quit and tender, restrained and obedient, unlike his hot-temperedand indomitable brother Shat.The father loved both sons. Unfortunately, he fell ill and became blind. The Shat-Ivanovich decided to leave his father and home. But the old Ivan-Lake knew his sons arms. The Don's arm was strong and hairy and the Shat's arm was thin and smooth. The youngest brother cheated: putting a fir-coat on, he asked his blind father if he could go around the world. The old man couldn't see but he touched the Shat's arm and let him travel. The Shat Ivanovich was very glad and went north. But he wasn't able to go far because, Ivan - Lake found out the lie, became very angry and directed his son in to the turbid waters of the Upa river. That was the end of the Shat.The Don Ivanovich slowly went south and reached the Azov Sea after his father's death.

  • Our town was founded with the construction of a new chemical plant in 1930-s. a lot of young people from all over the country came to the lifeless place to build a new capital there. Thats why our town is called new Moscow. Nowadays, there are three huge plants in it: Azot, Orgsintes, Procter & Gamble. The stinky problem of pollution has grown.

  • Cars and trucks add their bad breath to the air. But the battle against air pollution is growing. We need more strict laws against it. After rain we can see a lot of white puddles in the streets. Its because of acid rains. They fall and harm lakes, ponds, rivers and plants, and the creatures that need them.Also, the wind blows the air around. So, sulfates from our chemical plants can fall as acid rain many kilometers away. Our chemical cowponies also dump chemical wastes into water of the Shat-river, Ivan Lake and the Don-river. When we were younger, we used to fish with our parents, but now things come from bad to worse.

  • Cars are also the worlds biggest air polluters. They exhaust harm full substances into atmosphere. These poisoned substances pollute everything in Novomoskovsk: air, soil, water, birds and animals. So, sometimes its very difficult to breathe in the streets. Another problem is trash. Each person threw away about 1.8 kg of trash daily. About 1/3 of this waste comes from packaging. Liter is harmful for wildlife. Smalls animals can hurt themselves if there are sharp cans and broken into pieces bottles everywhere.

  • Wed like to suggest Tips for Environmentally AWARE.

    Reuse bags, containers, papers, boxes.Buy reusable products.Select products with the least wasteful packaging.Make sure your water faucets are turns off when you are not using them.Be creative-look for opportunities to reduce trash!

  • There is museum in our gymnasium, where our students can learn a lot of interesting facts about our schools history. There are numerous photos of our former school garden, we can find ourselves in them with our teachers. By the way, we studied here in 1960s and remember our activities in spring, summer in our garden.

  • We also remember our Harvest Festivals in autumn with jam and tea drinking. We were close to our native, because we planted apple, cherry-trees, watered them and gathered harvest. Our apple-and cherry-trees used to smell in spring time.

  • And now have a look at the territory behind our school. We can see only empty land

  • If you do not think about future, you wont have it (G. Galsworthy).

    The good news is that our students and their parents are eager to improve this situation. What can we do to solve the environmental problems? First of all our municipal authorities try to draw attention of the young citizen of our town-our first-grade students to it. On the 1st of September this Address is given to every 6-year student in Novomoskovsk.

  • We, teachers, also hope our students will:Take care of our town;Participate in activities to clean our parks and streets;Pick up litter and place it, including cigarette butts and fast food containers, in proper trash receptacles; never on streets where they get washed into storm drains;Plant trees and flowers near our gymnasium;Let there will be a garden around our gymnasium and Novomoskovsk.