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  • Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts! ! for Xcode on Mac OS X 10.6

    Xcode App Shortcuts

    , H H Q


    N N N O O DD

    I I W W W W S S SS U S P

    Edit Z Z X C V V A J

    D L . /T


    Format T C V { | } C V ] [

    Find F FF

    G G E E J

    View F E E T

    Code Folding U F

    Message BubblesHide Issues H

    Project 0 C N G G A E X

    Build B BA

    R Y K = + K

    Run R Y Y R R B \ \

    \ P I I O O T

    SpellingShow Spelling & Grammar :

    Check Spelling ;

    Design B F B L L + - = G H


    WindowMinimize M

    Minimize All MOrganizer O

    Created by Colin Wheeler 2/25/08 (updated 8/28/09)cocoasamurai@gmail.com

    HelpXcode Help ?

    Developer Documentation ?Quick Help ?

    PreferencesHide XcodeHide OthersQuit Xcode

    New ProjectNew File

    New Empty File...Open

    Open in Separate EditorOpen Quickly

    Open This Quickly...Get Info

    Show InspectorClose Window

    Close AllClose Project

    Close Current FileSave

    Save AllSave As

    Save Copy AsRevert to SavedMake Snapshot




    Paste and Match StyleSelect AllRefactor

    Add to BookmarksGo to Line

    Next CompletionCompletion List

    Select Next PlaceholderEdit all in Scope

    Special Characters

    Show FontsCopy StylePaste Style

    Align Left Center

    Align RightCopy RulerPaste Ruler

    Shift RightShift Left

    Find in ProjectSingle File FindFind & Replace

    Find NextFind Previous

    Use Selection for FindUse Selection for Replace

    Jump to Selection

    DetailZoom Editor Out

    Zoom Editor Out FullyGo Forward

    Next FileGo Back

    Previous FileSwitch to Header/Source

    Reveal in Group Tree


    Unfold AllFold Methods/Functions

    Unfold Methods/FunctionsFold Comment Blocks

    Unfold Comment BlocksFocus Follows Selection

    Go to ProjectClass Browser

    New GroupGroup

    UngroupAdd to Project

    Edit Active TargetEdit Active Executable

    Build ResultsBuild

    Build and AnalyzeBuild and Run

    Build and Run - Breakpoints OffBuild and Debug - Breakpoints On

    Clean Next Build Warning or Error

    Previous Build Warning or Error Compile

    Show Model BrowserDiagram Bring to FrontDiagram Bring to Back

    Diagram LockDiagram Unlock

    Diagram Zoom In Diagram Zoom Out

    Diagram Zoom to Fit Force Directed Layout

    Hierarchical Layout Add Attribute

    Add Relationship

    Run Run - Breakpoints Off

    Debug - Breakpoints On Stop

    Debugger Mini Debugger

    Console Clear Console

    Show Breakpoints Activate Breakpoints

    Add Breakpoint at current line Enable Breakpoint at current line

    Pause Step Into

    Step Into Instruction Step Over

    Step Over Instruction Step Out

    Next ThreadPrevious Thread

    TextCancel , .

    Center Selection of Visible Area LClose Split '

    Code Sense Complete List , ,,F5Code Sense Previous Selection >

    Code Sense Previous Placeholder ?Delete Backward H, ,

    Delete Forward D,Delete Subword Backward

    Delete Subword Forward Delete to Beginning of Line Delete to end of Paragraph K

    Delete to Mark WDelete Word Backward , ,

    Delete Word Forward Execute Selection & Replace w/Output R

    Execute Selection Inserting Output RExecute Selection Sending Output to Alert Panel R

    Indent Selection IInsert Backtab Insert Newline , ,

    Insert Newline without Extra Action , , Insert Tab

    Insert Tab without Extra Action Move Backward B

    Move Backward Extending Selection BMove Down ,N

    Move Down Extending Selection N,Move Forward F

    Move Forward Extending Selection FMove Left

    Move Left Extending Selection Move Paragraph Backward Extending Selection

    Move Paragraph Forward Extending Selection Move Right

    Move Right Extending Selection Move Subword Backward

    Move Subword Backward Extending Selection Move Subword Forward

    Move Subword Forward Extending Selection Move to Beginning of Document

    Move to Beginning of Document Extending Selection ,Move to Beginning of Line

    Move to Beginning of Line Extending Selection Move to Beginning of Paragraph A

    Move to Beginning of Paragraph Extending Selection AMove to End of Document

    Move to end of Document extending Selection ,Move to end of Line

    Move to end of Line Extending Selection Move to end of Paragraph E

    Move to end of Paragraph Extending Selection EMove up P,

    Move up Extending Selection ,PMove word backward B

    Move word backward extending selection BMove word forward F

    Move word forward extending selection FPage Down ,V

    Page Down Extending Selection , VPage Up

    Page up Extending Selection Pop Bookmarks Popup 4

    Pop Breakpoints Popup 5Pop Included Headers Popup 3

    Pop Loaded Files Popup 1,1Pop Navigator Popup 6Pop Symbols Popup 2, 2

    Scroll Line Down Scroll Line Up

    Scroll Page Down ,Scroll Page up ,

    Scroll to Beginning of Document Scroll to end of Document

    Select to Mark XMSend Interrupt C

    Set Mark Space, @Split Horizontally "

    Split Vertically "Swap with Mark XX

    Transpose TYank Y


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