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Your Best Partner of Safe Electrical Network Electrical Network

Your Best Partner of Safe Electrical Networkinnoconsulting.com.ar/innorep/html/pdf/CYG[1].pdf · Polymer Based PTC. Heat-shrinkable Material 1. Environmentally Friendly Heat-shrink

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  • Your Best Partner of Safe Electrical NetworkElectrical Network

  • Introduction of CYGIntroduction of CYG

  • Brief HistoryBrief History

    1. CYG was founded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1986

    2. Concord Investments (CI) became CYG’s controlling shareholder

    in 1995 CI is a member of Cheung Kong Group the flagship in 1995. CI is a member of Cheung Kong Group, the flagship

    company of Hong Kong Tycoon Mr. Ka Shing Li

    3. CYG was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2002 by issuing

    25 million A-shares

  • Quick Figures as at 31 Dec 2008

    2,770 Employees


    6 Manufacturing Bases: Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai,

    Zhuhai, Hangzhou, Tianjin

    RMB 857 million Sales Turnover

    (US$125 million based on the

    exchange rate as at 1 May 09)exchange rate as at 1 May 09)

    9 Electron Accelerators

    RMB 3 billion (US$439 million) ( $ )

    Market Capitalization

  • Primary Businessesy

    1. Heat-shrinkable Material2 Electrical Grid Equipment2. Electrical Grid Equipment3. Polymer Based PTC

  • Heat-shrinkable Material1. Environmentally Friendly Heat-

    shrink Tubing for Electronic Automobile

    2. Power Cable Accessories and Busbar Tube

    Heat shrinkable Material


    3. Corrosion Protection of Pipelines

    4. Telecommunication Cable Accessories

  • Electrical Grid Equipment1. Power Cable Accessories: 1kV-500kV

    Cold-shrink Power Cable Accessories: 1-35kV3. Sub-station Protection

    Electrical Grid Equipment

    4. 66-1000kV Synthetic Insulator2. Cable Junction Box & Ring Main Unit

  • Group StructureGroup Structure

    Changyuan ElectricTechnology


    Sh h i

    Shanghai Wayon

    Shenzhen NARI

    Zhejiang Hengkun ShanghaiChangyuan

    Changyuan SCFM Goodpoly Electron

    Shanghai Sunon

    Zhuhai Contron

    Changyuan SCFM


    Goodpoly Electron

    Dongguan GaonengDongguan Sanlian

  • CYG Industry PositionCYG Industry Position

    Industry Leader in Heat-shrinkable Material in China

    Industry Leader in Power Cable Accessories in Industry Leader in Power Cable Accessories in China

    Industry Leader in Synthetic Insulator in ChinaI d t L d i S b t ti & B b i Chi Industry Leader in Sub-station & Busbar in China

    No. 2 Player of Five Prevention System in Sub-station in China

    Industry Leader in PTC in China

  • International Recognitionfor CYG’s Workfor CYG’s Work

    • Forbes “China’s 100 Most Potential Small to Medium Enterprise” in 2005

    • Forbes “Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion” in 2006• Forbes Asia s 200 Best Under A Billion in 2006• Forbes “25 Best CEO of A-Share Listed Companies

    in China” in 2007

  • Product & Marketing

    1 P d t Diff ti ti1. Product Differentiation2. Sales Strategy

    3. Interchange of Techniques3. Interchange of Techniques4. Visits by Senior Government Officials

    5. Major Customer Projects

  • 1. Product Differentiation

  • Cold-shrinkable vs Heat-shrinkableCold shrinkable vs Heat shrinkable

    Type Cold-shrinkable Heat-shrinkableStandard IEC IEC

    Material Silicone Polyvinyl Hydrocarbon

    l i i ld S C S bElectric Field Control

    Stress Cone Stress Tube

    Insulation Partial Discharge <1 3< Partial Discharge <5

    Sealing Good resilience of liquid silicone allows excellent

    stickiness with cable


    Installation Technique

    Cold-shrinkable Heat-shrinkable

  • Technical Features of 1-35kV Cold-shrink Power Cable AccessoriesCold-shrink Power Cable Accessories

    • Raw Material: Dow Corning Liquid Raw Material: Dow Corning Liquid Silicone

    • Electric Field Control: Geometric Method I l ti T t l I l ti• Insulation: Total Insulation

    • Sealing: Good resilience of liquid silicone allows excellent stickiness with cable

    • Installation Technique: Cold-shrinkable

  • 132kV Power Cable Accessories132kV Power Cable Accessories

  • Three Bases anda Manufacturing Centrea Manufacturing Centre

    Southern China:Zhuhai

    Pearl River DeltaPearl River Delta


    E t ChiNorthern China:

    S a g aManufacturing

    BaseEastern China:

    HangzhouYangtse River Delta



  • Zhuhai Base

  • 500kV High Voltage Testing Centre in Zhuhai Base

  • Long-term Development Strategyg p gy

    SelfSelf--Innovation Mergers & AcquisitionsInnovation Mergers & Acquisitions

  • VisionVision

    Become a worldBecome a world--class supplier ofclass supplier ofpppppower cable accessories andpower cable accessories and

    electrical grid equipmentelectrical grid equipmentelectrical grid equipmentelectrical grid equipment

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