Zaven Akopov (DESY -L-) For the INSPIRE Collaboration DESY

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Text of Zaven Akopov (DESY -L-) For the INSPIRE Collaboration DESY

  • Zaven Akopov (DESY -L-)For the INSPIRE Collaboration

    DESY Computing Seminar

  • Joint Project of CERN, DESY, Fermilaband SLACSPIRES: wonderful system, largest HEP database, best-curated content, but..oldengine (>30 years):

    need a modern open-source multimedia digital library

    Unify SPIRES content with Invenioplatform

    Invenio = Open source digital library

    SPIRES + Invenio = InSpire

  • InvenioIntegrated digital library system

    written largely in PythonMySQL databasemodular built

    Navigable collection treeDocuments organized in collectionsRegular and virtual collection trees Customizable portal-boxes for each collection

    Powerful search engineSpecially designed indexes to provide fast search speed for repositories of up to 2,000,000 recordsCustomizable simple and advanced search interfaces

    Flexible metadataStandard metadata format (MARC)Handling articles, books, theses, photos, videos, museum objects and more

    User personalizationBaskets, e-mail notifications, comments, etc.

  • DESY participationInput of Journal/Article DataHEP Ontology (Keywords) InputHierarchy of HEP concepts based on DESY HEP ThesaurusDESY assigns keywords and classification to HEP Articles since 1964SPIRES/InSPIRE mirror website

  • Where are we?First Beta site released April 2010Production Beta released a week ago

    http://inspirebeta.netLive NowPopulated with SPIRES content dailyAdditional features

    Bugs are getting ironed out, but already:

  • Figures/Plots extraction

  • Full-text search

  • More to comePersonal libraries, alertsClaim my papers (with arXiv and ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID))Submit theses and old non-arXivmaterialAttach non-text materialOCR of older materialsEven better feeds (with ADS, arXiv, Publishers)

  • Automatic DisambiguationHenning Weiler - PhD student@CERN

    On 963 documents, 21 real authors could be identified for the query "Chen, G".

    22 orphans remain98% identified

  • User Accounts

    Tied to academic affiliation

    Ability to correct information and claim papers

    Corrections still vetted by staff

    Add corporate accounts for collaborations

  • Data - SoonPartnership and interlinking with HEPData

    HepData reloaded: reinventing the HEP data archive.Andy Buckley, Mike Whalley. Jun 2010. e-Print: arXiv:1006.0517 [hep-ex] working with LHC and other experiments to ease submission process and interlinkingMove towards citation/tracking use reputation

    Storage for other objects like ROOT, Mathematica, etc.

  • Non-text material

  • Full-cycle of a publicationUp to now, we've captured product:

    PapersConsidering Data

    Currently, through DPHEP, opportunity to build infrastructure for capturing the process:

    Internal NotesTechnical/Software DocumentationLogbooks

  • WikisIncreasingly popular central place to aggregate documentationUsers structure the data for usBackups and 'dumps' are generally easy to make

    And usually in an easily digestible format (like XML)

  • ToolsFor MediaWiki, most of the essential tools already exist.

    Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia) is interested in seeing what we do with them.From discussions with them, they are supportive of what we're trying to do

  • Nascent BaBar WikiMediaWiki Instance with:

    162 content pages201 total pages (talk, redirects, etc.)22 registered usersSimple script can easily produce dumps.

  • ScenariosLevel 0 Service: Basic Preservation

    Index and store wiki snapshot data as if it were a scientific publication (with many authors)

    Level 1 Service: Readable SnapshotsLevel 0 + read-only final version respecting formatting, etc.

    Level 2: Multiple SnapshotsLevel 0 + Level 1 for each of multiple wikirelease points, with full(?) metadata Linking with Papers

  • Publication/Drafting History: H1 Example

    A publication history includes:Set of preliminary results (typically, prepared for/as conference reports), short papers with associated figures.Actual publication process which begins with a pre-T0 report, which goes then through T0 talk to First/Second/ draft.Each draft stage has its set of answers (comments by collaboration and answers to them); typically a referee reportAnd a final version that goes to the journal.

  • Mock-Up

  • How does it work?External Users can see the links from Conference talks to final papers, but nothing in betweenAccess control must be registered and validated (e-mail ping): already planned

    Corporate accounts for collaboration to update pageIndividual access via connection with collaboration(Any paper? Current membership? What about long-term?)

    In development

  • AccessMain challenge: Access policies and their technical implementationNeed input from collaborations to create policies. One size does not fit all.

    Easy master access file maintained by coll. But not long-termMedium Computation based on author lists (not always correct?)Harder Individual access lists depending on date of object and date of access

    OAIS (ISO standard) etc. can help us implement these in line with archival best practices

  • Questions?For more information on INSPIRE see

    Just try it out!