7 Fun Ways to Spend Your Extra Money

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Do you ever have a little extra cash leftover after paying your monthly bills? If so, find out some fun ways to use that extra money by reading this slideshare!


  • 1. 7 Fun Ways to Spend Your Extra Money If you happen to have a little bit of money left over from paying all your expenses, there are some fun ways to use that extra cash!
  • 2. 1. Buy an animal. If youre an animal lover and have the proper accommodations for a pet, what are you waiting for? A dog, cat, bunny, or even a fish are all great additions to a home. Nothing compares to the unconditional love of a pet.
  • 3. 2. Go on vacation. Where have you been dying to travel to? Have you been wanting to take your kids to Disney World? Depending on the amount of extra cash you have, you could go to some pretty exciting places around the country or world.
  • 4. 3. Buy a new outfit. If its been a while since youve added to your wardrobe, go the mall and pick out a cute outfit that makes you feel confident and attractive. Remember that you dont need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a cute outfit.
  • 5. 4. Furnish your house. Pick one piece of furniture or dcor you would love to add to your home. Shop around until you find exactly what youre looking for. You dont want to settle when it comes to making your home feel cozy and attractive.
  • 6. 5. Get your hair done. Nothing feels better than getting a hair makeover. Go to a local salon and get your hair trimmed and highlighted. Not only will this freshen up your appearance, but it will also help you feel more confident.
  • 7. 6. Go on a nice date. When was the last time you and your spouse went on a fancy date? Make reservations at a fancy restaurant and get dressed up for an elegant night out.
  • 8. 7. Give to a charity. Giving your money to a charity can be just as rewarding (if not more) as spending it on a vacation. When you know your money is being used for a good cause, you feel at peace knowing youre helping the world become a better place.
  • 9. Be a Smart Spender Before you spend money on fun purchases, make sure you pay all your necessary expenses first. Your utility bills, rent, car payments, and any other outstanding debts should be your top priority when you get your paycheck. Dont forget to also add money to your savings account and retirement fund. If you dont manage your money properly, you might find yourself on the phone with a bankruptcy attorney.
  • 10. Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney If your spending habits have gotten out of hand and you are drowning in debt, call Craig Swapp & Associates today. As a firm with bankruptcy attorneys who have had years of experience helping people through the bankruptcy process, we know how to help any individual suffering from excessive debt. You can contact us today for a free consultation by calling 800-404-9000 or by visiting craigswapp.com.