1.5 my city

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  • 1. My City
  • 2. My name am Alexander. I have 25 years. I am Germany. I speaks German. I live on Berlin. The population of Germany are 801 million peoples. I am short hair and eyes green. I have tall and strong. Germany is Europe, next of Poland.
  • 3. Street Avenue
  • 4. Hospital Restaurant Church University
  • 5. Mall High School Grocery Store Library
  • 6. Coffee Shop Police Station Bus Stop Park
  • 7. Museum Supermarket Bank
  • 8. high school Where is the______________? high school The _________ is on 14 South Street.
  • 9. 1. The high school is in front of the park. 2. The library is next to the high school. 3. The supermarket is behind the high school. 4. The bus stop is on the corner of 14 South Street and Hidalgo Avenue. 5. The coffee shop is between the restaurant and the museum.
  • 10. Where is the church? (between) Where is the mall? (behind) Where is the police station? (on the corner of) Where is the hospital? (next to) Where is the park? (on)
  • 11. 1. The hospital is____________ 5th Avenue and 3 North Street. POLICE STATION HOSPITAL 5TH AVENUE GROCERY STORE COFFEE HIGH SHOP SCHOOL UNIVERSITY 3 NORTH STREET MALL 2. The hospital is__________the police station. 3. The police station is__________the grocery store. 4. The coffee shop is__________the grocery store and the high school. 5. The mall is______3 North Street. 6. The university is__________ the grocery store.
  • 12. Ask for and give directions
  • 13. Go straight Turn left Stop Turn right
  • 14. How do I get to the __________?
  • 15. Go straight on______________. Turn left on________________. Turn right on_______________. Walk one, two, threeblocks.
  • 16. Where is the________? How do I get there?