7th grade- First Exam Topics

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1. FIRST EXAM 7th Grade 2. Good morning everybody! 3. May I come in? 4. Im sorry, Im late 5. How do you say this in English? 6. Who knows the answer to this question? Where is London? 7. Can I go to the board, please? 8. Do the exercise. 9. I dont understand. Whats the matter? 10. Can you help me, please? 11. Move aside, please! 12. Pay attention, please. 13. May I go to the bathroom, please? 14. Can I open the window, please? 15. Open your books at page 10. 16. What page are we on? 17. Can I clean the board, please? 18. Listen to me, please! 19. Sit down, please! 20. Be quiet, please! 21. Whats the homework? 22. Pack your things away! 23. Bye, see you tomorrow! Goodbye! 24. ARCHITECT MUSICIAN DOCTOR 25. FARMER TEACHER FIREFIGHTER 26. POLICE OFFICER SOLDIER PAINTER 27. ARTIST VET CARPENTER 28. PHOTOGRAPHER DENTIST 29. DETECTIVE PILOT BASKETBALL PLAYER 30. CHEF LAWYER HAIRDRESSER SINGER 31. LISTENING TO MUSIC PAINTING 32. DANCING PLAYING TENNIS 33. PLAYING FOOTBALL SWIMMING 34. SINGING READING 35. COOKING PLAYING COMPUTER GAMES 36. RUNNING PLAYING BASKETBALL 37. PLAYING THE GUITAR WATCHING TV 38. TRUE IN THE PRESENT HAPPENS AGAIN AND AGAIN ALWAYS TRUE EXAMPLE: I live in Bucaramanga. Im 26 years old. I am a teacher. EXAMPLE: I always read a book before going to bed. I sometimes go to the cinema. I never drink beer. EXAMPLE: Swallows fly south for the winter. Light travels at almost 300,000 kilometres per second. The sun is 93 million miles from the Earth.