Best ways to increase your typing speed

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  1. 1. Best ways to increase your typing speedFamiliarizing the keyboard is not as hard as other people think. As a selfthought typist, I found out ways to teach yourself how to type in a fun and easyway. These method could be in form of a formal tutorial or a game, whichevermethod you choose make sure that you are having fun in it. There are peoplewho push so hard just to increase their typing speed but ended up stressedafter the session. Teaching yourself how to type should NOT stress you down,in fact this could be a stress removal at the end of the day. Here are simple butprobably the best ways to increase your typing skills:1. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog This is the simplest butone of the most effective method to condition your fingers. Typing The quickbrown fox jumps over the lazy dog repeatedly will surely get your fingers usedto the letter positions in your keyboard. This phrase contains all the letters in thealphabet so this will let your finger work.2. Games This is probably the most fun and challenging way to increase yourtyping skill. You will not feel that you are actually training for your typing skills,these daring games will make you type in speedy fashion to defeat the enemyor save the world. There are free games you can download or play it online. Irecommend Typer Shark which is a downloadable PopCap game. Also if youprefer an online typing game, you could go to it has lot ofchallenging games that will surely boost your typing ability.3. Formal Tutorial If you prefer a classroom type and formal learning method,I recommend This site offers a tutorial from the beginnerspoint of view, it will discuss lot of important things to remember when typing.This includes proper posture, proper positioning of the fingers and lot more tipsto that will really help you out. They also offer downloadable softwares that willtest your typing capabilities in a fun and challenging way. Reading blogs suchas to absorb great tips is also a great thing to consider.There are many other methods that will help you out but the most importantthing to increase your typing skills is to practice regularly. Taken from