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1. Nicole Melia Music VideoPurposesAnalysis Comment on the following aspectsin relation to PURPOSES and BENIFITS for artist/band and target audience Beyonc Provide an explanationin relationto benefits (promotion,extensionofincome & outlets, synergy opportunitiesandstrategiesused by producers to benefitlabel andartist) Provide any research evidence youcan findthat supportsexplanationsof benefitsforartist, record label and audience Promotiona l Beyoncs record deal is Columbia; Columbia is an American record deal which has ownership of Sony Music Entertainment, operating under the Columbia Music Group. Columbia also has many famous faces that everyone loves such as Pharrel Williams, Jack White, John Legend, Hoizer, Haim and a lot more familiar faces. Before Beyonc was a solo artist she was the lead singer in Destinys Child, the group became one of the world's best-selling girl groups of all time. Columbia was also Destinys Childs record label. Beyonc is a role model to many girls and because of this she is an excellent celebrity to use for promotion for certain products. She has been the face for H&M, LOreal and Coca Cola. Because Beyonc is a worldwide celebrity who has always been so kind and loving towards her fans and set a good message for all of her target audience shes a perfect celeb to use for promoting 30648/logopedia/images/6/6f/Columbia_Records.png&imgrefurl= wiki/Columbia_Records&h=224&w=225&tbnid=mN0HPJDUmUOXdM:&zoom=1&tbnh=16 0&tbnw=160&usg=__SM- 7GB8svYQMMoCFS8YskWrEUbU=&docid=QaldV91Ai1JL7M&itg=1 2. Nicole Melia Music VideoPurposesAnalysis clothing, make up and even drinks. She has also brought out her own brand of perfumes which would especially appeal to girls because they want to be like Beyonc and they think by buying this product its one step closer. ce+h+n+m&espv=2&biw=1680&bih=949&tb m=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=LiLb VL7MN4XfaKD0gPgI&ved=0CCIQsAQ#tbm=i sch&q=beyonce+perfume&imgdii=_ So with her CDS, concerts, festivals and product line Beyonc has come from a young girl from Texas to a worldwide superstar with her own business. Beyonc topped the Forbes Celebrity 100 list after earning $115 million last June. Her and her husbands have a reported combined net worth of over $1 billion, with Jay Z bringing in $560 million and Beyonc being worth $450 million. 3. Nicole Melia Music VideoPurposesAnalysis Extension of income Beyonc gets involved with Radio shows which helps her promote her products and albums, The link to the right is an interview with Ed Lover promoting her new album 'I Am...Sasha Fierce' on Power 105.1 in 2008. And then she also went on the Oprah Winfrey Show to promote this. RadioShow Oprah Winfrey Interview Beyoncsownwebsite 4. Nicole Melia Music VideoPurposesAnalysis Beyonc doesnt only promote other companys products but has her own personal merchandise on her own website. This includes Tops, Caps, Nails, Cups, and Calendars, Phone cases, bags, CDS and perfumes. These all have something printed on them such as lyrics, pictures or just Beyonc. To the right you can see an example of what her website looks like. Social media is such a huge thing in this century to promote products on. Beyonc has her own verified twitter page which she keeps updating her fans on recent information, her tweet from the 5th of April 2012 which is shown to the right shows her promoting her page for Another social networking site that Beyonc has an official page on is Facebook, She has 67,606,601 likes And this is updated whenever Beyonc is doing or has done something. 5. Nicole Melia Music VideoPurposesAnalysis Extension of outlets There isso much youcoulddo for an extension of outletsandeverythingyoucouldthinkof Beyonce andherteam will have.Whetheritsa face book andtwitteraccount,videoson YouTube and Vimeo,RetailCDor DVDSand evena soundcloudaccountwhere notonlydo youhear hermusicsoundtracksbut herlive performances. Here is Beyoncessoundcloudaccount. Synergy Notonlyis Beyonce anamazingsingerand performerbutthere ismore to herthan that. Her and hermotherTinaKnowlesruna family businessknownasHouse Of Dereonswhichis a clothingbusinessBeyonce andhersister Solange alsothenexpandedtomake a Junior line of Dereon,whichbecame more of a hip- hopfashionwhenDestinysChildfirstcame out. Beyonce hadfeaturedinmany differentadverts for fragrancessuchas EmporioArmani before she wenton to realise herown,andonthe advertfor HEAT- Beyoncesfirstfragrance the advertisveryraunchy and she playsone of her well knownsongsoverit. As well asbeinganinternationalsingershe bloomsinthe filmindustryaswell!Shes featuredinmanyfilmssuchasCarmen,Austin PowersThe FightingTemptation,The Pink Panther,Dreamgirls,CadillacRecordsand This isthe Dereonlogo. BeyoncesHeatadvert. 6. Nicole Melia Music VideoPurposesAnalysis Obsessed. So as well asbeingall these thingsshesalso nowgot her ownmerchandise,website and marriedto herhusbandrapperJAY Z whois also connectedtoColumbia(Recorddeal). Beyonce inAustinPowers. Producers strategies Beyonce isa worldwide popstarandrole model, the producersstrategiesincludesocial media havingherowntwitteraccount and face book account,whichon bothof these she tweets whatshesup to andoftenretweetsor favouritesherfanstweets.On face book she has 67,800,222 likesandontwitterhas over13.9 millionfollowers. Notonlyon social mediadoesshe have an amazingnumberof fansbut alsoon YouTube where she hasmillionsof hitsoneveryvideo (81,225,958). As youcan see above anotherstrategyfor Beyonce isherownofficial website. 7. Nicole Melia Music VideoPurposesAnalysis