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[email protected] Ver. 4.1 the protection edge... Body Armour Body Armour MKU Worldwide Germany +49 4282 508100 UK +44 7920 599019 Europe USA +1 623 8066380 Americas UAE +971 48810012 MENA Singapore +65 82281998 Asia Pacific New Delhi +91 11 46543512 India www.mku.com MKU Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Office 103, Chandralok Complex, 26/72-D, Birhana Road, Kanpur - 208001, UP., INDIA Ph.: +91 512 2363491 • Fax: +91 512 2354644 • [email protected] Kanpur +91 512 2363491

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  • 1. Body Armour www.mku.com the protection edge... Body Armour MKU Worldwide Europe UK +44 7920 599019 Germany +49 4282 508100 Americas USA +1 623 8066380 MENA UAE +971 48810012 Asia Pacific Singapore [email protected] Ver. 4.1 +65 82281998 India MKU Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi +91 11 46543512 Corporate Office 103, Chandralok Complex, 26/72-D, Birhana Road, Kanpur - 208001, UP., INDIA Kanpur Ph.: +91 512 2363491 Fax: +91 512 2354644 [email protected] +91 512 2363491
  • 2. Gain the edge Our brave soldiers constantly live on the edge. Fighting wars against terror, in extreme conditions, against unknown enemies constantly conquering their inner fears to discharge their duties because nothing is more important to them than their commitment to their nation. The protection edge. Inspired by the sheer courage of these brave men, MKU firmly believes from MKU that the edge is not the end, rather a state of the mind; victory often lies just beyond the edge MKU consistently treads beyond this edge to seek innovation, to harness Protecting those who protect us . the potential of the latest technology so that it can develop solutions MKU has an experience of over 25 years in servicing the which deliver the most advanced equipment and protection to these requirements of defence and paramilitary forces across soldiers to enable them to perform their missions fearlessly, effectively the world. It services its customers in over 50 countries and precisely. (including all NATO countries) through a portfolio of over 30 products in more than 10 categories. Through concentrated efforts, MKU has gained diverse domain expertise in products and solutions for the armed forces that have allowed the soldiers to perform more efficiently and effectively while staying protected. Asia's largest armoured solutions manufacturer Experience and expertise.. MKU is the largest manufacturer and exporter of exceeding customer expectations armoured solutions in Asia and one of the leading suppliers of personal protection solutions to the Indian MKU has extensive knowledge of defense sector Defence, Paramilitary and Homeland Security Forces. operations across varied geographic locations. Over the years veterans from the defense sector have joined MKU with experience and insight of the industry which Certified solutions. has helped MKU immensely to harness a sizeable market share by shaping and designing products which meeting the highest standards meet end user expectations and requirements. MKU products have been tested and certified by the Additionally, MKU has on board technocrats from the best labs in the world including HP White Labs (USA), field of composites, experts in production technologies, TNO (The Netherlands), Terminal Ballistics Research solution integrators, product designers and market Laboratory, DRDO (India), Mellrichstadt Ballistic researchers who focus on evolving future product Laboratory (Germany) and Banc Officiel (France). offerings and delivering accurate and efficient solutions.
  • 3. Infrastructure that invokes trust. Customised solutions. MKU has the infrastructure that allows it to deliver MKU works closely with its clients to understand their superior products within strict timelines. Its protection requirements and environments. Its manufacturing capacities span across 3 units located in immense experience in the global markets and its India and 1 in Germany. Units 1 & 2 are located at expertise with nearly all types of ballistic raw materials Malwan & Rooma near Kanpur while Unit 3 is located enables MKU to offer customized solutions which are International threat levels at Dehradun. Unit 4 is located at Sittensen in Germany. accurate and apt. Together, these units cover approx. 18,500 m2 Due to the vast numbers of bullets and calibres existing today, and more (2,00,000 sq. ft.) in area and house state of the art being developed constantly, the number of conceivable threats is quite machinery and equipment. The Kanpur unit has a fully Quality that assures peace of mind endless. equipped design house while the German unit has a At MKU, we understand that the safety of soldiers Although offering absolute protection against every developed & complete ballistic testing facility. cannot be compromised at any cost. We measure conceivable threat is a landmark that MKU aspires to achieve, its various quality on the basis of performance, safety, reliability, personal protection products currently adhere, follow and conform to a comfort & cost effectiveness. MKU believes in variety of well defined international threat levels. Since the threats vary Innovative solutions. significantly with geographic locations, these threat levels show country delivering products of the highest standards to its through research and development wise modifications. customers. Stringent checks are carried out by our in- The research and development team at our design house quality control personnel at every stage from MKU constantly keeps itself aware of all major new ammunitions being centre and ballistic lab constantly work towards design to production and integration to eradicate any developed and also of all minor/major modifications or upgrades to developing newer products and technology to pitfalls, be it in regards to quality or costly delays. these International Threat Levels which are followed by a wide gamut of enhance the performance of our products and stay countries. abreast with the latest threats that are evolving. MKU maintains a constant dialogue and shares knowledge with leading ballistic raw material manufacturers, which complements our ability to innovate in design and development. NIJ Standard - 0101.04 Threat level Ammunition Bullet Weight Bullet Velocity BFS Deformation (g) .22 Calliber LR LRN 2.6g /40gr. 329 m/s. 44mm I .380 ACP FMJ RN 6.2g / 95gr. 322 m/s. 44mm IIA 9 mm FMJ RN 8.0g / 124gr. 341 m/s. 44mm 40 S&W FMJ 11.7g / 124gr. 322 m/s. 44mm 9 mm FMJ RN 8.0g / 124gr. 367 m/s. 44mm II 357 Mag JSP 10.2g / 58gr. 436 m/s. 44mm IIIA 9 mm FMJ RN 8.0g / 124gr. 436 m/s. 44mm 44 Mag SJHP 15.6g / 240gr. 436 m/s. 44mm III 7.62 mm NATO FMJ 9.6g / 148gr. 847 m/s. 44mm IV .30 Caliber M2 AP 10.8g / 166gr. 878 m/s. 44mm Some of the other standards followed and adhered to by MKU are: PSDB Ballistic European, German Schutzklassen Chinese PN - V - 87000 Russian - Body Armor prEn ISO 14876-2 (October-2000) (1999) GOST R-50744-95 Standard (2003) Protective Vests (Polish standard)
  • 4. INSTAVEST, from MKU, is a revolutionary ballistic jacket which incorporates an advanced 4P Quick Release System. A soldier can divest the vest in a single pull action in less than a second. Its remarkable design makes it the simplest quick release ballistic over-vest which can be recouped and reassembled in less than 30 seconds . The Quick Release System uses no cables or wires and is ambidextrous in nature. Design Features Optional ? and doffing in an instant for quick reponse. Donning Detachable collar and shoulder ? It divests in less than a second and can be re- Detachable groin protector ? assembled and donned in approx. 30 seconds Upper arm protector ? Light weight, flexible and extremely comfortable ? I N S TA N T R E L E A S E A R M O U R V E S T the most advanced armour vest ? load distribution system Advanced Protection in the world Ambidextrous in nature - can be used by both left & ? ? Level III A Up to NIJ right handers with equal ease Upgradeable to Level III & Level IV ? Fully adjustable at waist & shoulder for a precise ? ? Armour Plates Anti - stab and comfortable fit Incorporates a rifle butt rest for enhanced comfort ? Protection Areas during operations Front, back and side ? Compatible with hydration packs, ammunition ? pouches & other gears Sizes ? strap handle Rear drag ?Small, Medium, Large & X-Large ?to carry bulky items D-rings Accessories Manufactured using breathable, fire retardant, ? ?Carry Bag water repellant advanced fabrics ?Utility pouches Inner lining for air ventilation ? ? (for comfort) complies to BS EN ISO Clo value Colors 105831:2004 [Olive Green|Sand|Black|Navy Blue] (also available in Camouflage Patterns) Patent filed
  • 5. It has been observed across the world that Police and Army men engaged in operations get several injuries on vital parts of the body from rifle fire, especially at the groin & neck regions. COMPLETAR, from MKU, is designed to provide complete protection to a soldier's body. Its unique design provides protection against handgun ammunition in the torso region and protection against rifle fire to the vital organs of the body including the neck and groin regions. COMPLETAR consists of curved Armour Plates for groin and front torso, a flat rectangular insert for the back torso & three dimensional inserts for the neck & collar, which do not restrict body movement and are easily detachable. Design Features Optional ? protection against rifle ammunition Full body ? Side plates ? Five Armour Plates to protect neck, front, back ? C O M P L E T E B O DY P R OT EC T I O N and groin Protection Level ? resistant high performance fabric Abrasion ? Level III protection Provides Adjustable at sides & shoulders ? Upgradeable to level III+ ? Removable soft Armour Plates offering protection ? Soft Armor (SAP) Plates provide Level III A ? against handguns are sealed in waterproof bags protection ? Detachable groin & neck attachments ? Protection Areas ?Front, back, neck and groin Accessories ! Carry Bag Colors: [Olive Green|Black|U N Blue ] (also available in Camouflage Patterns)
  • 6. ERGO, from MKU, provides full body protection while allowing unrestricted movement to the modern soldier. It consists of ergonomically designed full body protective plates which protect the complete torso from rifle ammunition (NIJ Level III & Level III+). The ERGO system is designed to compliment MOLLE which helps a soldier to add on various equipment as and when required. Design Features Optional ? Vest Tactical ?Detachable collar, groin and sleeves Side opening pockets fitted with zippers for ? Protection Level convenient insertion of Armour Plates ? Level III NIJ Ergonomically designed Armour Plates allow ? excellent movement ?Upgradeable to Level III+ (AK-47 MSC) EXTRA PROTECTION ? shoulder opening One sided Accessories ? rest at shoulder Rifle butt Utility pouches ? Compatibility with hydration pack ? Carry bag ? ? with MOLLE system for attaching Equipped ? carrier Hydration various combat equipment Can be upgraded to Level III+ (AK-47 MSC) ? Colors Inner mesh lining for body heat dissipation ? [Olive Green|Sand|Black|U N Blue] ? resistant high performance outer fabric Abrasion (also available in Camouflage Patterns) ? for even distribution of weight of vest Waist belt on body parts Side closure buckle for double locking ? ? strap handle Rear drag
  • 7. Multi-Utility Over-Vests Multi-utility over-vests are specifically developed for the Special Forces to provide optimal ballistic protection to combat terrorist activities. They provide high flexibility during defensive reflexes and integrate excellent protection with a lot of load bearing capability. They JMU IIA JMU XIVA come with exchangeable pockets and holders, which are designed for carrying Protection Area: Protection Area: specialist equipment required by the Front, back and sides ? Front, back, sides, collar, shoulder, upper arm and ? Special Forces. groin Design Features: Front opening enables quick doffing and donning ? Design Features: Ergonomic design to suit various applications ? Ergonomic design ? ? of accommodating various multi-utility Capable Inner waist belt for balanced weight distribution ? pouches ? rear pockets for upgradation of protection Front & Adjustable load distribution system ? levels with Armour Plates ? rear pockets for upgradation of jackets Front & Comprehensive coverage area including upper ? with Armour Plates arm ?pull tabs Built-in ? protection at sides and under arms Enhanced JMU X A ? compatible M.O.L.L.E. ? compatible M.O.L.L.E. Detachable collar, groin, upper arm & neck ? Design Features Optional : ?compatible system MOLLE Detachable collar, groin, upper arm & neck ? Sizes Available: Front, back and overlapping side protection with ? Small, Medium, Large & X-Large ? Sizes Available: secondary velcro attachment system ! Small, Medium, Large & X-Large Protection Level: Adjustable side and shoulder ? ? III A NIJ Level ? for optimal distribution of weight Waist belt Optional Protection Level Upgradeable to level III and IV with Armour Plates ? Removable two piece collar design ? ? III A NIJ Level Detachable upper arm protection. ? Accessories: ? contoured throat protector provides Specially Upgradeable to level III and IV with Armour Plates ? improved fit Batch identification attachment ? Carry bag ? Accessories Accessories: Utility pouches Removable groin protection can be folded inside ? ? when not in use Carry bag ? Carry bag ? Utility pouches Utility pouches ? Colors: Side closure plate pocket to fit 6 X 8 plates ? ? Ambidextrous butt retention system ? Protection Area Colors: [Olive Green|Olive Drab|Sand|Black|U N Blue |Navy Blue] ? handle. Rear drag Front, Back, Side, Shoulder, Groin, Collar &Throat ? (also available in Camouflage Patterns) ? back pockets for Armour Plates Front and Colors [Olive Green|Olive Drab|Sand|Black|U N Blue |Navy Blue] (also available in Camouflage Patterns) [Olive Green|Olive Drab|Sand|Black|U N Blue |Navy Blue] (also available in Camouflage Patterns)
  • 8. Tactical Police Over-vests JPT I A JPT II A Protection Areas Protection Area ? back Front and Front, back and sides ? Design Features Design Features ! Ergonomically designed to provide maximum Ergonomic design optimizes flexibility and ? flexibility and movement movement ! Reinforced pockets for Armour Plates ? stability through reinforced stitched Improved ! Reinforced stitched ends for better durability of ends the over-vest ? with ballistic inserts sealed in water Equipped ! Ballistic inserts sealed in water proof & UV proof & UV resistant fabrics for endurance in resistant fabrics to assure safety in adverse adverse conditions conditions Outer carriers are removable , washable and ? ! Water repellant, removable and washable outer water repellant to enhance durability and carriers for enhanced durability and performance performance of over-vests Full wrap-around torso coverage ? ! Shoulder straps supported by additional back-up Adjustable side closures for a comfortable fit ? straps for better positioning of vests ? for Armour Plates through reinforced Provision Tactical Police over-vests have been designed by ! Concealed pockets for Armour Plates pockets MKU with the aim to provide maximum ! 8 cm wide waist belt for better grip and comfort Optional maneuverability and comfort during tactical ! Easy ballistic panel access through zippered missions. exteriors Detachable collar, groin ? Manufactured using high quality materials, either Protection Level Protection Level alone or in combination, they are capable of ? III A NIJ Level ? III A NIJ Level offering protection of up to NIJ Level III-A. Upgradeable to level III and IV with Armor Plates ? Upgradeable to level III and IV with Armour Plates ? Enhanced protection from ammunitions like AK-47, 7.62, SLR, 5.56mm. etc. can also be Sizes Sizes achieved by upgrading these over-vests with Small, Medium, Large & X-Large ? Small, Medium, Large & X-Large ? specific Armour Plates available separately. Accessories Accessories Carry bag ? Carry bag ? Colors Colors [Olive Green|Olive Drab|Sand|Black|U N Blue |Navy Blue] [Olive Green|Olive Drab|Sand|Black|U N Blue |Navy Blue] (also available in Camouflage Patterns) (also available in Camouflage Patterns)
  • 9. Tactical Military Over-vests JMT IV B JMT X A Protection Area Protection Area Front, back, sides, collar & groin ? Front, back, sides, collar, groin and shoulders ? Design Features Design Features Ergonomic construction and design for maximum ? Ergonomically designed to enhance protection, ? protection, flexibility and movement flexibility and movement ? side utility pouches 2 front & ? for Armour Plates through reinforced Provision Reinforced front & back pockets for Armour Plates ? front & back pockets Water proof & UV resistant ballistic panel covers ? Un-hindered movement of limbs ? Adjustable shoulders ? UV resistant & water proof panel covers ? Water repellant, removable and washable outer ? Water repellant outer cover ? carrier Removable and washable outer cover ? Detachable & foldable groin guard ? ? groin guard Pull out Adjustable collars for neck protection ? Round neck collar for 360o protection ? Inner waist belt for even weight distribution on ? Adjustable shoulders ? body parts Overlapping shoulder panels for protection from ? Ideal for tactical operations, Tactical Military overhead attacks Over-vests from MKU are manufactured using Protection Level Polyethylene/ Aramid or hybrid materials. External ? III A NIJ Level Optional fabric is optimized for camouflage. Designed for easy Upgradeable to level III and IV with Armour Plates ? Upper arm protection ? mobility while providing optimum protection and Protection Level maximum comfort over prolonged usage, they are Accessories Carry bag ? ? III A NIJ Level capable of offering protection of up to NIJ Level III-A. Upgradeable to level III and IV with Armour Plates ? Enhanced protection against ammunition like AK-47, Sizes Available 7.62 NATO, 5.56 mm. etc. can also be achieved by Small, Medium, Large & X-Large ? Accessories upgrading these over-vests with Armour Plates Carry bag ? available separately. Colors Sizes Available [Olive Green|Olive Drab|Sand|Black|U N Blue |Navy Blue] Small, Medium, Large & X-Large ? (also available in Camouflage Patterns) Colors [Olive Green|Olive Drab|Sand|Black|U N Blue |Navy Blue] (also available in Camouflage Patterns)
  • 10. Front Opening Over-vests JFO II A JFO VIII A Protection Area Protection Area Front, back and sides ? Front, back, sides, collar and shoulders ? Design Features Design Features Front opening - Ideal for hot & humid climates ? ? hot & humid climates as it is front Ideal for ? and high upper protection at the back Full width opening Overlapping lapels below the opening provide ? ? of the over-vest provides full width and The back enhanced frontal protection. high upper protection Front utility pockets ? Added protection at the front with overlapping ? Concealed pockets for Armour Plates to upgrade ? panels below the opening protection when required ? protection at the collars and shoulder Additional Easy donning & doffing ? Extra-wide double velcro straps in the front for ? secure protection Protection Level ? III A NIJ Level Optional Upgradeable to level III and IV with Armor Plates ? ? be upgraded for added protection through Can Armour Plates using the special MKU up-armour These over-vests are designed for specific duties of Sizes harness systems a police officer. They combine mobility and Small, Medium, Large & X-Large ? protection and at the same time are very easy to Protection Level put on or take off. They are especially useful for Accessories ? III A NIJ Level personnel assigned to stake-out or for surveillance Carry bag ? Upgradeable to level III and IV with Armour Plates ? arrest teams that need to quickly put on a vest. Manufactured using Polyethylene and Aramid Colors Sizes materials, either alone or in combination, they Small, Medium, Large & X-Large ? are capable of offering enhanced protection of up [Olive Green|Olive Drab|Sand|Black|U N Blue |Navy Blue] to NIJ Level III-A. (also available in Camouflage Patterns) Accessories Carry bag ? Colors [Olive Green|Olive Drab|Sand|Black|U N Blue |Navy Blue] (also available in Camouflage Patterns)
  • 11. Personal Vests Unobtrusive personal protection JFL I A JFL I B Protection Area Protection Area ? back Front and ? back Front and Design Features Design Features Water resistant, buoyant ballistic material for ? Adjustable for comfort at shoulder and waist ? dependable protection Quick water drainage ? ? resistant Puncture Water resistant, buoyant ballistic material ? Adjustable at shoulder and waist for added ? ? resistant Puncture comfort ? for Armour Plates upgrade through Provision Extra outer belt to ensure a better fit ? reinforced pockets Man overboard drag loop for injured personnel ? ? level of 15 kg. at dead load Buoyancy Quick drainage of water ? ? vest with buoyancy characteristic of a Tactical Reinforced pocket for upgrade Armour Plates. ? Floatation vest ? level of 15 kg. at dead load Buoyancy ? around nylon webbing belt to prevent Full wrap ? collars for head support for an Buoyant the vest from riding up while in water unconscious person ? coast guards and harbor patrol Ideal for Persona JCO-II A Sizes Available Sizes Available Small, Medium, Large & X-Large ? Small, Medium, Large & X-Large ? Protection Area Protection Area Front, back and sides ? Front, back and sides ? Colors Colors Design Features Design Features [Black |Navy Blue] [Black|Blue |Orange] ? high quality cotton and viscose fabric Made of Unobtrusive/ concealable protection that ? (also available in Camouflage Patterns) (also available in Camouflage Patterns) Adjustable back closing design ? ensures peace of mind ? back wrap around ballistic protection Front to Removable and washable exterior cover ? Fixed ballistic shoulders ? Water resistant carrier which helps in retaining ? the durability and performance of the vest for a Floatation over-vests from MKU, have been Removable ballistic panels sealed in waterproof ? bags longer duration developed specially for the Navy, Coast Guard and other Marine Law Enforcement Floatation Over-vests Ergonomic design ? Optional Agencies. They provide ballistic protection Non-detectable design ? of upto NIJ Level III A while maintaining Stab resistant Armour Plates ? ?Optional buoyancy and all other desired Stab resistant Armour Plates ? Protection Level characteristics of a floatation vest. ?A Level III Use of advanced technologies, Protection Level processes and materials ensure ?A Level III Sizes Available that these over-vests can Small, Medium, Large & X-Large ? survive the most intensive Sizes Available marine environments. Colors Small, Medium, Large & X-Large ? Colors [Black|Blue |White] (also available in Camouflage Patterns) [Black |Grey|Blue] (also available in Camouflage Patterns)
  • 12. Quick Reference Guide Vest Dependant Bullet Type Model No. AK-47 MSC AK-47 AP .30 cal Armour Plates P 1001 L At times, when threat levels change from handguns to heavier types of ammunition such Polyshield P 1001 as rifle bullets and armor piercing ammunition or even stabs, ballistic jackets and vests need to be up armoured with suitable lightweight protection to provide optimum P 1002 protection. MKU is amongst the few companies in the world which possesses the in-house ability P 1101 L and expertise to deliver superior, cost-effective protection solutions. It offers protection solutions against all the latest threats and newer types of ammunition that keep getting P 1101 Polyshield+ developed in the world. P 1102 Armour Plates from MKU are tested and certified by some of the best laboratories and test centres in the world like HP White Labs (USA), TNO (Netherlands), Terminal Ballistics C-3001 Research Laboratory, DRDO (India), Mellrichstadt Ballistic Laboratory (Germany) and Banc Officiel (France). C 4002 Polyshield Cerazone C 4007 Best protection at the lowest possible MKU offers highly cost-effective ballistic C 4501 weights can be achieved with the protection through its range of Cerazone Cerazone Polyethylene Armour Plates manufactured Armour Plates which can be used either C 5001 by MKU. Polyshield plates offer excellent with vests or as stand-alone plates. C 5002 multi-hit capabilities and offer protection Cerazone range uses aluminimum oxide from secondary fragments. They do not on the strike face and various other C 5007 crack and are resistant to UV radiations. composites as backing material, they are Water, sunlight, temperature changes, available in various configurations, and C 6006 acids and oils have no effect on them. offer excellent protection. C 7002 Polyshield Cerazone Cerazone+ C 7101 Polyshield+ Armour Plates from MKU are Made using highly weight efficient manufactured using the most advanced ceramics like Silicon Carbide & Boron C 7201 materials and special techniques. These Carbide (the third hardest material plates offer better trauma absorption and known to man after diamond and cubic Stand Alone are lighter than regular Polyshield plates by boron nitride) strike faces, Cerazone+ Type Model No. Bullet AK-47 MSC AK-47 AP .30 cal upto 10% for equal protection levels. They Armour Plates offer maximum are resistant to UV radiations, water, protection at the lightest weights. They Polyshield P 1003 sunlight & temperature changes are ideal for all weight critical applications. Polyshield+ P 1103 C 3004 C 4003 Cerazone C 4502 C 5003 Cerazone Cerazone Polyshield Polyshield C 7051 Cerazone+ C 7151 C 7251 All vest dependant plates provide the specified protection in conjunction with Level IIIA vest The above specifications are for a standard 25 cm x 30 cm (3 mm) Armour Plate in single curve geometry Tolerance : Weight 50 g , Thickness 2 mm Features and specifications mentioned in the catalogue are subject to change without prior notice. Instavest, its name and logo is a registered trademark of MKU. Patent Filed.