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British Social Realism Themes

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1. THEMES OF BSR 2. COMMON THEMES OF BSRChildhood - kids that are deprived of a childhood are mainly shown in BSR.Sexuality - sexual awakening - first kiss/homophobia/discovering who you are.ViolenceSocial class clashes - the higher and upper class mix together.Rebellion - rebelling against parents/religion.PovertyDrug Abuse/Experimentation - Addiction/First experienceCorruption of Youth - Young people having a negative experience.Domestic Abuse - abuse at home of a partner/children.Parenthood - young, struggling parents trying to provide for their children. 3. PARENTHOODThis is the opening scene from London to Brighton. This clip, clearlyshows the theme of Parenthood. In this screen grab at 0:54, thewoman holds the door shut and tells the lady on the other side to'f**k off', in front of her child. The woman isn't really watching herlanguage around her child. Also the area they're in right now, is verydirty and unsanitary. Denoted is graffiti on the door which connotesit's an urban area. This is no place that a child should have toexperience, but the woman has no choice but to bring her there as itsevident something has gone on that they need to be there. 4. PARENTHOODIn this screen grab taken from 1:02, denoted is the woman trying toclear the girls face. This shows the theme of Parenthood, as although,presumably, she was the reason the little girl is involved, she's stilltrying to look after and care for her child. She helps her get rid of,what looks like blood, off her face.Another moment where it shows she's caring for her child is at 1:06 -she holds the girls face in her hands and says 'do you want somefood? I'll get you some food alright?' She may not be the best mother,but she's still trying to provide for her. It's clear to see she isstruggling, which is the typical representation of parents in BSR. 5. PARENTHOODIn this clip, Parenthood is connoted in a negative but positive way. It'sconnoted as posititive as through out the situation, the mother istrying to look after the girl, she goes and gets food for her and thenalso does prostitution to get money so they can leave the area. Butarguably, it's also negative as the little girl shouldn't have beeninvolved in all of this, she's only involved as this woman is hermother. It represents the woman as a struggling mother.I would explore this theme in my film, much like how it is explored inthe clip. I like how they have two sides of Parenthood, it shows howparents aren't all perfect. An idea for the opening sequence of myfilm was maybe to start with a shot of a living room in a small house,with lots of kids but only a single mum to look after them all , itwould exaggerate her struggle to provide for these kids. 6. RELIGION AND CULTUREThis is the trailer for Everywhere and Nowhere, directed by Menhaj Huda. Thisclip displays how religion and culture is affecting this boys dream to becomea DJ.Denoted in this screen grab from 0:44, is a woman saying 'if not account, youwould make a great lawyer'. This dialogue is spread over the shot in thescreen grab but also shots of the boy dj-ing in a club. In asian culture, atypical stereotype is that parents always want their kids to becomeaccountants, lawyers, doctors etc. So by this woman saying that, it conformsto the stereotype. But by having the shots of the boy dj-ing on the screenwhile she says this, it connotes how the boy's going against the stereotype ofhis culture. He doesn't want to do a job that's deemed as professional andthe best by his parents or relatives ,he wants to do what he believes in. Alsothe fact the 3 women in the shot are wearing the cultural attire, emphasizesthe fact that he's rebelling against it even more. 7. RELIGION AND CULTUREDenoted in this screen grab, taken from 0:57, is a man that claps hishands while saying 'that's very impressive' sarcastically. In the shotbefore this, the boy says that he is a dj and this is the mans response.This represents how in this cultural society, doing anything other thanlawyer,doctor etc is frowned upon and other creative jobs are nottaken as seriously. When saying 'very' it puts emphasis on it and drawsit out, which connotes his sarcastic tone to this boys job. Also the wayhe's looking at the boy, he's almost looking down at him and his faceis pointing downwards. He think's that he is of a higher status thanhim. The man laughs and claps while being sarcastic, he's almostbrushing it off. He's taking this boys dream to become a professionaldj and made fun on it. 8. RELIGION AND CULTUREIn this clip, religion and culture is seen as something that holds youback, it's connoted in a negative light. People could be stuck in a jobthey have no passion for, just because in their religion and culture,that's a job that's acceptable to do. But the fact that this boy is tryingto break out of the typical stereotype displays to the audience that it'snot set in stone. If you want to achieve your dreams you can, youshouldn't let anybody stop you.Exploring the theme of religion and culture is a difficult one as I thinkyou're likely to get backlash of it from people who get offended, so if Ido incorporate this theme, I'll have to take that into consideration.One idea I do have is that you could have an individuals family that isall very religious and cultural, but then this certain individual doesn'tbelieve in the religion and doesn't follow the same path as the rest ofthe family do. It would be interested to see the conflicts that occurwhen this happens. 9. ASPIRATION AND ESCAPEThis shows a short clip of Billy Elliot, where he gets his acceptanceletter for the Royal Ballet School. Although this is only a short clip, itdefinitely shows the theme of aspiration and escape.This screen grab taken from 0:19 connotes how important it is for theboy to escape his town and pursue his dream of being a dancer.Denoted in the screen grab is the boy looking nervous, his hands areon the table and he's tapping slightly, he doesn't know what to dowith his hands. He's also biting his lip while looking around at thepeople around him. This clearly connotes how important this is tohim as the letter is right in front of him, but he's afraid to open itincase they reject him, his aspiration to become a dancer will becrushed. 10. ASPIRATION AND ESCAPEIn this screen grab, denoted is Billy Elliot reading his letter from theRoyal Ballet School. What's interesting about this is the sound that isplayed on top of the shot. So far in this clip, there's been no dialogueor music, but as soon as he opens the envelope, soft piano musicbegins to play. This music then gets more intense when he's readingthe letter. This connotes the theme of aspiration and escape, as themusic helps to put all focus in that scene on him opening the letter,that's what the director wants people to focus on. It emphasizes theneed for him to be a dancer. Also the only dialogue in this clip, iswhen he announces that he got in. Again, this is to exaggerate howmuch he wants this.The last shot of this clip, is his dad running to the social club to telleveryone that his son got in. The fathers facial expression in thisscreen grab connotes how happy he is for his son to not be stuck inthe same town for the rest of his life, he's going out there andmaking a name for himself. Also the fact that he's going to telleveryone in the social club, can connote how no one in this town hasreally done big exciting things, this is the first time, so he's gone to 11. ASPIRATION AND ESCAPEAspiration is represented very positively in this clip. Although theydon't say much, it's clear that they all want him to achieve his dream,they all want him to aspire to be something more. When he does getaccepted, his dad starts running and grinning massively, it's obvioushe's happy for his son.Also you can tell it meant a lot to the boy as when he read the letter,he was in shock, he didn't go out and tell them, he sat down silentlyand cried.If I choose to explore aspiration and escape in my film, I would do itin a different way to this film. Instead of having the support of thepeople around the character, I think it would be interesting for themto do it alone, so they can correct the people that doubted them. Thejourney of them to aspire to be what they want to would be moreinteresting if everyone was against them in my opinion. 12. REBELLIONThis clip from Yasmin, shows the theme of Rebellion. Yasmin is a girl thathas a religious Islam family, but from this clip, it's clear to see that she ismore westernized.In this screen grab from 2:06, denoted is Yasmin taking off her moretraditional clothes and putting on western clothes. Also in the next shot ofher, you see her taking off her headscarf. This clearly shows rebellion, asshe's rebelling against her religion. Her family are in the surrounding shotsand they're praying and all in the traditional cultural attire.0:50 - Shot of her family in a mosque 1:16 Shot of women inheadscarfs 13. REBELLIONIn this screen grab from 4:00, Yasmin says 'C'mon John, I'mnot gonna buy a TP car, am i?' Then later goes on toexplain that TP means 'Typical Paki'. She's rebelling againsther religion as she says she doesn't want to be like them,she doesn't even want to drive a car that's associated withPakistani's. Also the face that she makes while saying thisconnotes that she thinks she's better than them as she hasa disgusted facial expression. 14. REBELLIONRebellion is represented in this clip as a way to get away from thisgirls ordinary life. She doesn't want to be like the rest of family, shewishes to be more westernized, so she rebels. Rebellion will alwaysbe represented in a negative light, as the word itself it's negative. Thedefinition of rebellion is 'the action or process of resisting authority,control, or convention'. Someone resisiting authority is likely to berepresented negatively.If I were to explore this theme, I would use the idea of rebellingagainst the parents instead of religion. I

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