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  • 1. Why just join a company when you can help build a great one? GROWTHOWNERSHIPLEADERSHIP Building a great company ... one person at a time.
  • 2. Building a great company... one person at a time!This business was built on integrity and offering personal service.We want to fulfill our customers needs by doing everything we can toguarantee they have a memorable experience. David Shiller Founder & Chairman
  • 3. table of contents Who we areAfter just three years with BTG, I now have the A leader in the home fashion industry 4 confidence to proudly predict this is thecompany I will retire with! Why customers love us Unlimited opportunity for Our commitment to personal service 6 advancement fuels my passion to succeed ... The support and constant development by my BTG Careers at BTGpeers compels me to mentor A guide to career development 8 others, promoting theirsuccess as well as my own. Every working day Management Training Program makes me smile! Our core leadership development programs 10 Catherine Fisette, Sales and Development Manager, Montreal MLDP and BSAT Program Alternative leadership development programs 12 General Management Careers Leadership development for operating managers 14 Blinds To Go culture is very strong. The commitment to the companys vision and the personal growth of each individual is firm. I had no management experience when I started. Now, Im running a training store and am very confident in my ability to continue to grow. Apurva Patel, General Manager, Washington, DC 3
  • 4. TRANSFORMATIONAL BUSINESS MODEL Existing Industry Structure BTG Paradigm Manufacturers Fabricators Retail Shops CONSUMER4
  • 5. A history of success makes us who we are he Blinds To Go story begins in 1954 T with a young entrepreneur, David Shiller, who left his job at a local house- wares store to set out on his own. David would load up his familys station wagon and drive hundreds of miles to sell homegoods door to door. It was during these long trips that David learned to go the extra mile to make a cus- tomer happy. This philosophy of old-fashioned customer service is the foundation of our leg- endary Blinds To Go "red carpet" service. Our attention to customers has made us the leading retailer and manufacturer of window blinds and shades in North America. Blinds To Go superstores offer consumers the largest selection of custom-made blinds and shades at low, factory-direct prices. Every superstore is staffed with an expertly trained team that works closely with customers to find creative solutions for their window decorating needs. Our employees ensure every customer is 100% satisfied and their custom-made win- dow treatments are available for pick-up with- in 48 hours. Blinds To Go brand blinds and shades are of the highest quality and are cur- rently manufactured in the companys 100,000 square foot plants in Lakewood, New Jersey and Montreal, Quebec. The company currently operates over 120 superstores throughout the eastern United States, the midwest and Canada under the Blinds To Go brand name (except in Quebec where it operates under the Le March du Store brand name). Blinds To Go, Over the next four years, the company plans to double its size by increasing sales in existing a leader in the stores and continuing to expand throughout the midwest and southeast United States as well as in existing markets. home fashion industry, is very profitable and is rapidly expandingacross North America 5
  • 6. Catherine and Meredith discharged their responsibilities with the utmost efficiency and courtesy. Their competent suggestions and comments were very helpful, contributing to a pleasant shop- ping experience and total satisfaction. Ill soon be back for more purchases for our bedroom. Furthermore, I will encourage my friends to visit your store to take advantage of the impressive choice you offer. - Magda Ferretti, BTG Customer, Washington, DC6
  • 7. Our commitment to personal service is why customers love us Expert Knowledge, Service Since blinds are our only business, we can guarantee expert knowledge and the very best in service from our highly trained staff. All of our asso- ciates are graduates of our extensive BTG University training program, ensuring that they will cater to every need and detail in helping cus- tomers find the perfect solution for their windows. Fastest Delivery We offer the fastest, factory-direct delivery available. Orders are sent directly from our showroom to our factory. Custom blinds, made exact- ly to specifications, are ready in as fast as 48 hours, versus the current industry standard of 4-6 weeks. Lifetime Guarantee Its simple at Blinds To Go we know we will provide quality products because we are the manufacturer! Thats why our custom blinds and shades are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Customer Satisfaction Our business was built on integrity and personal service. At Blinds To Go, we strive to provide customers with our legendary red carpet service,Best Value for the Dollar guaranteeing our customers have a pleasurable experience. OurFor fifty years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the finest commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched in the industry andquality blinds and shades at the lowest, factory-direct prices delivered has been winning us loyal customers for fifty and custom made to our customers specifications. And since wemanufacture everything we sell, our customers are always guaranteedthe best quality, service and selection. That is why we have