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  • 1. China Travel Study
    Michael Vang

2. Hong Kong
Stayed at a 5 Star Hotel in Hong Kong
Rooms were really nice
Had a nice pool outside
Next to lots of shopping centers
3. Hong Kong
Had dim sum for breakfast at a nice restaurant
The food was really good
Our first taste of food from Hong Kong
4. Hong Kong
Went to the top of Victoria Peak
Had a really good view of the scenery and city
We drove passed the gate of one of Jackie Chans Houses in Hong Kong
Was the first tourist site we went to in China
5. Hong Kong
Went to a site with a lot of statues of the Gods
Got to touch one of the Gods for luck
Rained a little while we were there
Had a lot of statues to look at
6. Hong Kong
Went to Ocean Park
Had a lot of things to do there
Went on rollercoaster and other rides
First place where we got to see pandas
Had a good water show
7. Shen Zhen
Stayed the night in Shen Zhen
Met Bob who was very cool
The translation for ceiling was messed up as small pox
Massage was good there
Meal was good
Airport wasnt too much hassle
8. Cheng Du
Arrived in Cheng Du and met our local guide Rosa
Flight wasnt too bad
Had lunch at a local restaurant and celebrated Jeremys birthday
9. Cheng Du
Got to see the pandas in Cheng Du at the local panda exhibit
Seeing the red panda was really something new
We finished up by seeing other sites there then flew to our next destination
10. Cheng Du
11. Jiuzhaigou
Arrived in Jiuzhaigou way up in the mountains
Flight was different since we landed on the mountain side
Stayed at a nice hotel in the lower areas of the valley
12. Jiuzhaigou
Left the hotel and started our day in the valley
Took the bus up to the different parts of the valley
Saw the different mountains, lakes, and etc.
13. Jiuzhaigou
Went to a national park in the area
Viewed 3 different sections of the park
Some people paid a fee to take photos with the tradition clothing from there on
Had a nice hike
The water there was really clear
14. Jiuzhaigou
15. Jiuzhaigou
We didnt get to see the Yellow Dragon Mountain due to the snow
We ate lunch at a nice restaurant
Went to the airport to get ready for our flight
Said our goodbyes to Rosa and flew to our next destination
16. Xian
Arrived in Xian
Met our local guide Maria
Ate lunch at a local restaurant
Headed off to one of the museum in Xian
Saw a lot about the history of China
17. Xian
Went to the city wall and rode the bikes around the entire wall
Took us around 2 hours along with taking photos
Went to the theatre in the evening and tried a lot of different kinds of dumplings
Saw a lot of very nice performances
18. Xian
Went to an exhibit where they make potteries, statues, and decorations
Later on we went the hot springs then to the Terracotta Warrior Museum
All very interesting sites
19. Train Ride
We rode on the train from Xian to Shijiazhuang
We played card games and talked majority of the plane ride then fell asleep at midnight
Woke up early in the morning to get ready to get off the train
Successfully moved all the luggage off with no trouble
20. Shijiazhuang
We finally arrived in Shijiazhuang and headed to Hebei Normal University
We ate breakfast at KFC and it was different
Checked in to our rooms and attended a press conference later for our arrival
The biology students came to meet us and show us around town
21. Shijiazhuang
We stayed on campus for one week
We attended classes every morning and had a few afternoon activities such as painting
We also went to the variety show at the new university
We went to one of the temple sites near there
Throughout the week we hung out with some of the students there and made new friends
The week came by fast and we soon graduated out of our class
Our professors were very nice
We received certificates for attending the university
On our free day we went to a temple and spent our last day in Shijiazhuang
We then had to say goodbye to our new friends we made
As our last morning came we left on a bus to Beijing
22. Beijing
We arrived in Beijing and met our local guide May
Went to go eat lunch and celebrated Laceys Birthday since we didnt have time at the university
Went to Tiananmen Square then the Forbidden City
We then tried some high quality tea at a teahouse
And then we ate at a local restaurant and then headed off to our hotel afterwards to retire for the night
23. Beijing
The next day we headed off to the Great Wall
We hiked up for about an hour and a half, a few of us made it all the way to the top
It was a great experience
After lunch we headed to the Summer Palace
It was way bigger than the Forbidden City
Then we saw the Beijing Olympic stadium and the water cube from the 2008 Summer Olympics
This finished off our day
The following day was a free day where we went to the Silk Market and spent all our Yuan
24. Back Home
We flew back on many long flights back to the USA
I really enjoyed the trip to China
It was a great experience and I encourage others to experience it
It was very fun hanging out with the classmates and professors
This trip was a lot better than my expectations
And Im going to miss China!!

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