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1. Choosing suitable resources to answer the research question. Identify and locate a range of relevant sources Locate information related to inquiry questions in a range of sources. 2. Choosing the right book How helpful is the title? The go-to tools Content Page and Index. 3. The cover 4. *Qin Achievements *Failures of the Qin The contents page 5. The Index 6. Structure of Paragraph The Topic Sentence: The Qins efforts at standardisation, however, did not generate animosity and indeed generally received an enthusiastic response. 7. Creating a bibliography using Word Open up a new document Save it as Year 7 Ancient China Bibliography Click on Document Elements Go across to the tab Bibliography and click on Manage Make sure it says APA at the top Click on the + sign Begin to fill in the blank spaces from the title page and copyright page and press OK 8. Task: Using topic sentences to assist in finding information to answer Focus Questions Using the fifth option under the heading Helpful Extracts on the Libguide and what we have learnt about topic sentences, try to answer the first focus question: What were Qin Shi Huangdhis achievments? How useful was the source? Using the same extract, try to answer the second focus question ; How did the achievements effect China? (positive and negative ) How useful is the source?