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In this file, you can ref free useful materials about how did affiliate marketing start and other materials for how did affiliate marketing start such as affiliate programs, affiliate tips


  • 1. How did affiliate marketing startIn this file, you can ref free useful materials about how did affiliate marketing start and other materialsfor how did affiliate marketing start such as affiliate programs, affiliate tipsIf you need free ebook: Top 21 affiliate marketing programs Top 12 secrets to be successful in affiliate marketing Top 8 free affiliate marketing ebooks for beginnerspls visit: affiliatemarketingaz.comI. Affiliate marketing guidesThis post is meant for those of you who have been on the fence about getting into affiliate marketing.Its also meant for those of you who may have tried it in the past, but essentially gave up.No, its not going to be another long-winded verbal lecture on perseverance and not giving-up.Instead, Im going to try to light a fire under your ass by showing you exactly what happened to metoday.For "Fun"Today I woke up, made some tea (which is rather unusual for me as I usually drink coffee), and startedmy stopwatch to track my morning 3-hour work session, just as I do everyday.I did my usual routine of analyzing and optimizing my previous days campaigns and looking at myoverall numbers, and then proceeded to tend to my e-mails. One of my e-mails was from one of myaffiliate managers announcing a new offer on their network. Just as I always do if the offer piques myinterest, I checked it out in more detail to see if it was something I would want to run.At first, I almost did, but then I decided to run 2 different offers instead, simply because I loved the angleopportunities for them.Due to the simplicity and speed of launching campaigns, I actually find it kind of fun sometimes, and notwork or a chore. In fact, while I was setting them up, I thought to myself how it is almost relaxing(especially the image sourcing part).Performance review phrases comments/ free download examples Page 1

2. This isnt always the case. Sometimes its a real pain to set up a new campaign (landing pages andforeign-language offers can be annoying). But generally, setting up a new campaign is really quite quickand easy to do and Im including all tracking and initial split-testing set-up as well.Anyhow, it probably took me around 30-minutes to set these 2 campaigns up. They were each usingoffers from different networks, and I set them up on Facebook, direct linking.5-Minutes Later5-minutes later, all my ads were approved and now I was just waiting for traffic to start. There is usuallya bit of a delay when a new Facebook ad is approved or unpaused. For me, it tends to take between 30-45 minutes.To this day, Ive had a 99% ad approval rate. Run legitimate ads and offers, and you should never have aproblem.1-Hour LaterOne hour later, I was pumped up. BOTH campaigns had already brought in conversions and wereprofitable right off the bat.This is without any optimization or adjustments of any kind.From that point on, you can be sure that I kept refreshing my stats constantly throughout the day.Whenever you find a new profitable campaign no matter what size the campaign is at, its always ahuge endorphin rush and a real high.The ResultsOkay, so heres how the campaigns did.Before I continue, please note that these are essentially "raw" campaigns. That is, they are completelyunoptimized and have not been tested (for example, I only used 1 angle per campaign).They also only ran since around 1-2pm, so approximately half the day.Taking these things into consideration should show why I was so excited despite these not being thehugest of numbers there is definite scaling and optimization potential.II. Affiliate marketingstrategiesPerformance review phrases comments/ free download examples Page 2 3. Affiliate marketing is a low-costway for merchants to buildawareness and showcase theirproducts and services. The modelis simple; it works as acommission-based referralsystem. A partner or affiliatemarkets a merchant's productsfor a "piece of the pie."Affiliate marketing experts often make an income that can tally over five figuresper month, however only 1 to 5% of thousands of marketers achieve this level.When an affiliate reaches this elite level they are often referred to as a "super"affiliate.How does one become a super affiliate? Can anyone do it? Super affiliates havecommon tactics that they embrace and put into place. Anyone can become asuper affiliate, but it will not come without blood, sweat, and a hefty timecommitment. The typical super affiliate possesses the following traits: Persistence Patience Thirst for KnowledgeThese three traits combined with the following strategy gives you the formula forthe makings of a "super" affiliate.1. Find a Unique NicheThe mistake that many affiliate marketing hopefuls have in common is that theytry to offer everything under the sun rather than focusing on a specific nichemarket. Do not scatter your efforts, focus on your niche, promote it, and sell itwell.2. Search Engine MarketingPerformance review phrases comments/ free download examples Page 3 4. Once you've built your affiliate storehouse you will need to promote it. Manyaffiliates use pay-per-click engines. I suggest that you learn how to achieve organicsearch results or hire a search engine marketing company. This will save you fromspending all your profits on pay-per-click engines. Only use pay-per-click enginesif you know what you are doing, otherwise all your profits may end in the hands ofGoogle Adwords or Overture.3. Know Your Product, Know Your AudienceCreate a resource. By taking the time to learn about the products and/or servicesthat you are offering you can create information that builds your credibility. Thatcredibility builds trust. If your viewers do not have trust in you more than likelythey will not purchase from your storehouse. If you want more information on thepsychological process that an online buyer goes through I suggest that you readmy article on the Five Levels of Internet Marketing and the Sales Process. This willhelp you in creating a web site that converts well, which in return will increaseyour cash flow.4. Don't Put All Your Eggs in One BasketPromote products from different merchants. This way if you have a problem withreceiving payment from a merchant, or their products do not convert well theeffects on your business will be minimal. Watch out for exclusivity agreements;remember this is your business. Protect yourself and diversify so that you do notfeel the famine effect if something goes wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrongwith promoting niche products from different merchants.5. Seek Knowledge and Embrace ChangeIf you are familiar with Internet marketing at all you know that what worked threemonths ago may not work today. Stay on top of the trends. Seek knowledge, startby learning something new about affiliate marketing daily. For example rememberthose marketing tools called "banner" that use to drive sales at an astronomicalrate a few years ago? Well those banners developed a term called "bannerblindness." That means most online viewers will not click on banners even if theyPerformance review phrases comments/ free download examples Page 4 5. do pertain to what they are looking for. To be a "super" affiliate you must alwaysspend time reading, learning, and embracing the changes in Internet marketing.6. Don't Give UpIt's hard to do, and most of the time those dabbling in affiliate marketing give upway too soon. Monitor your statistics, watch to see what is working and what isnot. Make changes when necessary. Do one thing daily to promote your storehouseand be patient. Before you know it you will start getting payments.Remember that it will not happen overnight. Encompass and develop thepersistence, patience, and knowledge. Then follow the tactics I've mentionedabove and you are on your way to becoming a "super" affiliate.Performance review phrases comments/ free download examples Page 5