How to handle your boss

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  • www.bharathowto.comHow to handle your boss?Jan 1, 2010*

  • How to handle your boss?In a professional work environment you will invariably come across a boss who is difficult to work with. This could be for several reasons, read on to know about how to handle a particular boss type

    Jan 1, 2010*

  • Boss Type A: Speaks about vague goals and wants you to accomplish them

    Solution: When your meeting with your boss is coming to an end, you should explicitly ask for the Next Steps. You can also summarize the meeting by saying that you will be doing X, Y, Z things as the next steps. This will let your boss know what are you planning to do next. He can correct you if you are going on the wrong course

    Jan 1, 2010*


  • Boss Type B: Wants you to work on weird ideas

    Solution: To tackle such brilliant ideas you should explicitly ask questions like: How will this bring revenue?, How will this help acheive company goals?. However, saying things like: I dont think this will work will only put you on the wrong foot

    Jan 1, 2010*

  • Boss Type C: Wants you to work on million things simultaneously

    Solution: Maintain a list of all the things that your boss asks you to do. Sit with your boss to prioritize items in this list. Tell your boss that you only have so much time in a day so you need a prioritized list to work on.

    Jan 1, 2010*

  • Contact DetailsAdd more categories in comments if your boss does not fit into any of these, so please visit my blog and send in your valuable comments !

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