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  • 1. Argentinian Hobbies Argentina
  • 2. Drinking mate We usually have mate with biscuits. Its made with hot water, yerba and sometimes a teaspoonful of sugar. We drink it gathered with friends, family, colleages, strangers or just alone!
  • 3. Football We play football at any time and we watch local and international football matches. We have played in the World Cup many times. A lot of famous football players now playing all around the world are from Argentina; one of them is Messi.
  • 4. Asado! Usually, on Sundays we join our family or friends to eat asado (barbecue). Sometimes we eat it with some salad or fries
  • 5. Tango Its a typical dance of Argentina. This music can be danced by a couple made up of a woman and a man, or two men.
  • 6. Truco (Game of cards) This game is usually played in our country; The pack of cards consists of 40 cards and it could be played in twos, threes or fours. The one who gets 15 points first wins the game. Each card has a different value.
  • 7. Water war Its a game where we use little baloons that inside have water that are thrown to another person. Its played in different big groups. Its played in the summer.
  • 8. Pub Clubs Discos play very loud music so loud that you cant hear the person next to you! You can go with friends or alone. Discos are very big and they close very late (sometimes at five or six oclock a.m.).
  • 9. Music Here people listen to a lot and different types of music. Its very usual to see people on buses or walking on the street listening to music.
  • 10. Riding bicycles We ride on bicycles frequently in parks and on streets.
  • 11. Fishing Fishing is very traditional here because it represents the joining of family or friends. Here we have many types of fish!
  • 12. Made by: Sofa M Sofa L Luca Sabrina Agustina Mo.