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<p>MODULE 6</p> <p>Marketing CommunicationMODULE 6</p> <p>MODULE 6Marketing Communication Concept and need for IMC - Promotion advertising sales promotion publicity and public relations Direct marketing and personal selling Managing sales force global markets E-business.</p> <p>Marketing CommunicationMarketing Communication are messages and related media used to communicate with a market. Those who practice advertising, branding, direct marketing, graphic design, marketing, packaging, promotion, publicity, sponsorship, public relations, sales, sales promotion and online marketing are termed marketing communicators, marketing communication managers.</p> <p>Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)Marketing communication mix or IMC Tools:AdvertisingSales promotionEvents and experiencePublic relations and publicityDirect marketingInteractive marketingWord-of-mouth marketingPersonal selling</p> <p>Developing Effective communicationIdentify Target audienceDetermine objectives Category needBrand awarenessBrand attitude and imagePurchase intention.Design the communicationMessage strategyCreative strategy Informational or transformational appealSelect channelsEstablish budgetsDecide on Media mixMeasure resultsManage IMC</p> <p>E-businessE-business is a term used to describe businesses run on the Internet, or utilizing Internet technologies to improve the productivity or profitability of a business. In a more general sense, the term may be used to describe any form of electronic business - that is to say, any business which utilizes a computer. This usage is somewhat archaic, however, and in most contexts e-business refers exclusively to Internet businesses.</p>


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