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  • 1. Music Video Analysis

2. Rihanna California King Bed This song is from Rihannas fifth studio albumLoud and was released in May 2011. Manymusic critics praised this song as it showed offRihannas vocal ability. It is a mid-tempo song that incorporateselements of rock music. It has been certified Gold in Italy, New Zealandand Switzerland and Platinum in Australia. 3. CostumeThere is only light colouredclothing used, this symbolisespurity and truthfulness. It is Editingalso loose fitting things as thisThe transitions used are bothrepresents comfort and smooth and frequent. I think thehappiness. smoothness represents the happiness in relationships. Also, near the end of theThemes video, it changes to black andThere is a strong theme of white, this keeps interest andnature throughout, it is all also shows the simplicity of theset outside. whole song and video.There are autumn colourswhich we are thinking ofCamera Shotsincluding in our own video.There is a wide variety ofcamera shots, but mainly closeLocationups as it establishes Rihanna asAs said before, it is all set being a diverse act.outside. This is to show herbeing natural and the simpleact of falling in love. 4. InspirationThe inspiration we have taken from this video is the smooth, simple transitions and the black and white effect. We think the black and white will work in our video and is an interesting effect that keeps the audiences attention. We also will be using many close ups as this establishes Holly as an artist and makes her more recognisable to her fans. 5. Taylor Swift - Mine This song was written and produced by TaylorSwift. It was released as the lead single from herthird studio album, Speak Now. Critical reception was mostly positive and wascommercially successful. It was certified Gold in Australia and NewZealand, Platinum in Canada and DoublePlatinum in the United States. 6. CostumeEditingTaylor wears a variety of floral Starts with a fade in, featuresprint, browns, blacks and whites flashbacks. Many differentin the narrative. This fits in withtransitions between narrative andthe country genre of the song, itperformance. Generallyalso succeeds in making them quick, simple and smoothjust look like small-towntransitions between camera shots.teenagers. Blurs at the end and fades out.Themes Camera ShotsThe journey of a relationship -There are a variety of camera shotsFalling in love, having argumentsincluding; POV, close up, highand making up, getting married angle, push focus, over-the shoulder..and starting a family. A lot of the camera work jogsHow she has a negative view on slightly, this adds to the artistic effectlove wondering why we botheras it makes it look more realistic andwith love if it never lasts because homemade.of the unhappy relationshipLocationbetween her parents You saidLocations include a cafe, house, thewell never make my parentswoods, beach and church. Thesemistakes and how this one guy issettings lead you to believe they areable to change that view of love living in a small town. The variety ofthrough loving her and her locations are necessary as the videoloving him back. is following them through the years. 7. Inspiration We like the picturesque locations and an initialidea of ours was to film on the beach, althoughwe later discarded this idea in favour of awood/forest effect. We also like the storyline of them falling in loveand the fact the video closely follows thelyrics, we hope to also do this. 8. Gabrielle Aplin Never Fade This song was her second EP and showed herexpanding her sound, showcasing a morepop/folk sound. She played all the instrumentsherself. It was released in on the 9th May 2011 andreached the top 14 in the UK and was used in anepisode of Made in Chelsea. 9. CostumeGabrielle wears a variety ofwhites, browns and tribalEditingprints. I would assume thisThe transitions are used verywas done purposefully to frequently and dont seem tolink in with the locations.differ. This fits in with the tempoThis video is simple but of the song.effective. There is a layered effect which is used a lot, which is GabrielleThemes placed in front of trees andThere doesnt seem to be a leaves, this is to keep interest fornarrative, just Gabrielle the audience. Sometimes thereperforming in a narrative are even three images on top oflocation. each other.The is a very strongnatural theme throughout Camera Shotsthe video. Features mostly close ups withLocation Gabrielle but nature isThe video is set in afeatured heavily in the videoforest, this is an and sometimes seems to beinteresting location, theremore of the focus of the videois also a few shots of her than Gabrielle herself.walking through a field. 10. Inspiration Both Caroline and I have decided that settingHollys music video in the woods is a good ideafor the narrative. We wont let the nature ideaovershadow Holly though, so we will make sureshe is the focus of almost every shot. We also liked the layered effect and are hopefullygoing to use it in Forever


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