Peer editing for hybrid classes

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1. Peer Editing for Hybrid Classes Helpful Walkthrough 2. Peer Review Online The peer review process for hybrid courses will take place entirely online and will make use of our Blackboard course section Go to Blackboard and select our course Select our current week from Weekly Module When you have selected the current week, follow the steps on the next slide (Note: you will see the steps in order, meaning the others will be hidden until neededsee times next to step(s) on the next slide. 3. Peer Review Day(s) You can start now and submit step 1 before 11:59PM on Wednesday You can start step 2 after midnight and should finish step 2 before 5:00PM Thursday You can start step 3 by 5:00PM and submit step 3 before 11:59PM Friday 4. After Submitting Your Rough Draft Select Peer Review I 5. Complete Peer Review(s) 6. Example of Peer Selection 7. Guidelines You need to submit at least one fully typed page (double spaced) to receive full credit for submitting a draft of Essay #1 You will be asked to review five of your classmates papers You need to give at least one ten word response to each paper (more is welcome & encouraged) You will have the option to select four of your classmates papers (please select from members of your peer group) 8. Recommendations Start on each of these projects as early as you can (missing a deadline can result in a zero for the peer editing grade) If you fail to submit a paper by the peer editing deadline, you can still earn partial credit by providing feedback on your classmates papers You may and should submit a FINAL draft of ESSAY #1 on Friday even if you miss the peer editing deadlines Email me if you have issues or concerns (sferrier-