Plagiarism: Avoiding Academic Misconduct

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Avoiding Academic Misconduct PLAGIARISM


Students will be able to identify plagiarized information and understand that plagiarism is an academic conduct violation for which students may be subject to disciplinary action.Objective

Lets start out by talking about Beyonc

You decide!

YesNoDo you agree or disagree with the news anchors in this video?

Answer this question:Is Beyonc guilty of plagiarism?

Someone who said yes:Tell me why you thought Beyonc was guilty of plagiarism.

Someone who said no:Tell me why you thought Beyonc was not guilty of plagiarism.Why?

To use the words or ideas of another person as if they were your own words or ideas.To steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one's own; to use another's production without crediting the sourceTo commit literary theft; to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing sourceMerriam-Webster OnlineWhat is Plagiarism?

One more time

YesNoNow you know the dictionary definition of plagiarism.Lets answer the question again

Is Beyonc guilty of plagiarism?

Coldplay vs. Creaky Boards

It isnt just dance moves; its music too!

Coldplay vs. Joe Satriani

Theyre at it again

Sam Smith (2014 song) & Tom Petty (1989 song)

Petty was awarded co-writing credit for Stay with MeSometimes it costs an artist

Are you displaying your dance moves for a class assignment?Are you composing a song for your mid-term?

No, you are writing papers, giving speeches, etc.

How does this apply to students?

How do you avoid it?By knowing more about it!

What are some of the common types of plagiarism?CopyingPatchwork plagiarismParaphrasing plagiarismUnintentionalSelf-plagiarism

You dont want plagiarism to cost you!

Probably the most well-known and most common form of plagiarism.Taking the exact words of someone else and claiming them as your own without properly citing.A quotationA passage or paragraphAn entire paper (including those purchased online or written an acquaintance)


Using phrases and clauses from an original source and weaving them into your own work without putting the phrases in quotation marks or citing the author.

ORIGINAL PASSAGE: Minor league baseball historically is as American as drive-in movies and Fourth of July parades. It is still small-town U.S.A., in feel if not in fact (Rielly 206).

PATCHWORK PLAGIARISM: Baseballs minor leagues are historically as American as drive-in movies and Fourth of July parades seen in small-town USA.

The colored phrases should have quotation marks.A citation should be included at the end of the passage.Patchwork plagiarism

Successfully putting another persons words into your own but not giving credit to the original author.


Slightly changing the words or using synonyms but retaining the author's essential thoughts, sentence structure, and/or style without citing the source.Paraphrasing plagiarism

If you find paraphrasing difficult, try this activity:

Read through a passage one or two time.Put the passage away.Take five or ten minutes to digest what you read.Summarize what you read without referring back to the original source.Advice

A writer incorrectly quotes and/or incorrectly cites a source they are using. How is this plagiarism, if the author didn't mean to do it? Professors cannot read minds. They do not know what you meant to do!Unintentional

Shia LaBeouf Unintentional plagiarizer? A real world example

The use of your previous work for a separate assignment.These were your original words and thoughts; however, you already received credit for them with a previous assignment.Self-plagiarism

Its okay if I dont get caught!The assignment was boring!The assignment was too hard!My professor expects too much!Everyone else does it!I was too busy to write that paper!My parents expect me to get As!I need good grades to get into ____ University!Unacceptable excuses

Cite your sources properly.Direct quotations, paraphrased/summarized items, and ideas of others.Incorporate citations as you construct your paper.Consult the style manual appropriate for the assignment.Ask your professor if no style is indicated.Show off your original writing skills.The cited words of others should merely support your original writing.Start your research early and make notes on your sources.Do not copy and paste into your paper.Dont wait until the last minute to begin writing your paper.Avoiding plagiarism

When you can trace the origin of your thoughts, phrases, or arguments to any location except your own brain, cite it!Always remember

If you are unsure how to properly cite a source you are using in your paper or speech, please make an appointment with your campus Writing Center.Need help?

Alright, alright, alrightdont plagiarize!

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