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These fantastic poems using adjectives and verbs are the work of the stars of Room Four.

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  • 1. Poems About Me!By Room Four

2. OscarCool, crazy, sneaky Skating, investigatingI love investigating bugsOscar Smith 3. LeilaCrazy, happy, beautifulLeaping, watching, flyingI like riding my horseLeila Connor - Douglas 4. Connor Cool, awesome, niceHaving fun, flying, eatingCool as Connor Connor Genereux 5. Scarlett Fluffy, beautiful, tallSwimming, climbing, flyingI play with my BarbiesScarlett Spencer 6. Riley Crazy, funny, sneakyPlaying, jumping, swimmingI use my telescope at night Riley Wilson 7. Cassie Funny, beautiful, niceDancing, singing, playing I am very niceCassandra Atkinson 8. Jonathan Fast, tall, amazingPlaying, kicking, building I love building lego Jonathan Lockyer 9. HarrisonNice, happy, funHopping, leaping, runningI love playing with Austin Harrison Williams 10. Max Nice, cool, amazingBiking, sporting, swimmingI love to playMax Hodgson 11. ZacCrazy, awesome, smileySkating, biking, watchingBug catcherZac Lee 12. Kayden Cool, tall, niceSwimming, eating, biking I am coolKayden Richardson 13. ZoeNice, smiley, funJumping, playing, swimming I like to ride my bikeZoe Medhurst 14. Sonya Smiley, friendlyReading, painting, playing shopsI love playing with my toy rabbit Sonya Griffiths 15. JessieCool, happy, lazyEating, loving, playingSinging is my favourite thingJessie Coxon 16. VianaNice, clever, short Leaping, having fun I have fun at schoolViana Garnevska-Keall 17. Holly Fun, cool, niceFlying, playing eating I help other peopleHolly Rendell 18. Courtney Tall, nice, smartRunning, playing, flying I help peopleCourtney Tiffen 19. IsabelleTall, crazy, funFlipping, sprinting, skating I like fishing Isabelle Jacobs 20. Kyan Amazing, interesting,ninjareeTraining, eating, helpfulI love building lego Kyan Mori 21. NicolasTiny, speedy, sneakySprinting, farming, playingI play with Jess and PeteNicolas Verry