Premise for film noir

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  • 1. Who? -MALE Age? -18 Job or Occupation? -Student
  • 2. Name? -Liam Warren-Sanders Where does your character live? -In their parents Mansion, (Warren- Sanders Manor) Who do they live with? -Parents and brother, posh family
  • 3. What does the Protagonist want? -Love and power, to be fearless Why can't they have it? -They can't have it because of their families name (Rich powerful family), they are homosexual but they are getting an arranged marriage and are too scared to come out with the truth.
  • 4. Story -Axel, a trained assassin is sent to murder the Warren-Sanders family (by a jealous rival). It was a routine job, as far as his job could be seen as a routine job; Some rich business or another who failed to honour his underground obligations after making it big enough to hire a couple of bodyguards. The house was a typical on-top-of-a-hill modern mansion, all glass and steel and held no elegance whatsoever. The bodyguards all two of them, what a joke are easy enough to end in minutes. Axel doesn't break a sweat at all, he never expected to. The man of the household, as expected is in the master room with his wife. They are awake and active when Axel comes in through the window, but it takes no more than a minute to silence them both with his Glock 19. Unfortunately, he had not considered the mistress being present as well, and she manages to make out the door screaming before he can take her out. She lay dead on the stairwell as I looked down at her, I heard a noise; like a gasp. I turned and saw a young man, a little older than me- before his young brain could comprehend the situation; I shot him between his furrowed brows. I searched the house for money or anything worth taking, when I something moved- I spun on my feet and saw a boy younger than me clutching his mothers hand and crying silently, I held my gun up and cocked it- but I couldn't shoot, he was beautiful; almost like a painting- then the sirens sounded; I thought on impulse and grabbed his wrist and dragged him along with me- I could end his life later Could he?