Prepositions with Dora the Explorer

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This is a game about prepositions of place intended for ESL/EFL elementary students.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Prepositions of Place with Dora the Explorer</p> <p>Next</p> <p>Introductory Slide</p> <p>It will present the topic: Prepositions.1</p> <p>Where is my Best friend Boots?In the sandboxUnder the sandboxBeside the sandbox</p> <p>NextNextThese are the friends we are looking for:</p> <p>Here are the pictures of the friends Dora will be looking for in the game.5</p> <p> Hi, my name is Dora and Im an Explorer. I need your help! I want to find my friends. Will you Please help me?NextDora introduces herself</p> <p>2I dont think so Lets try again, ok?</p> <p>BackSlide for incorrect answers7</p> <p>Great job!</p> <p>BackNextSlide for correct answers8NextWhere is my friend Swiper?On the garbage canIn the garbage canBeside the garbage can</p> <p>Created by:Jeschelly GonzalezESL Master ProgramInter american University At San German, Puerto Ricojeschelly_gonzalez@intersg.eduThis is the concluding slide.22</p>