Dora the explorer the adventure

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<p> 1. BUENAS DIAS EVERYONE! START YOUR DAY WITH A BIG SMILE AND JOIN US IN OUR NEW ADVENTURE! 2. Doras task is to produce 2 squares that are separated by removing 8 sticks in a square with 9 boxes and at the same time to save the Prince against the witch and get the reward to him. 3. In order to produce 2 squares that are separated by removing 8 sticks. Dora needs to accomplish 4 challenging stages. Each stages is equivalent to an opportunity to remove 2 sticks. 4. SO COME ON AND JOIN US IN OUR ADVENTURE ! 5. Challenge # 1 Dora and boots need to pass through the river to reach their next destination. How they can do that? 6. Dora and Boots used the turtles as their bridge to across the river. 7. EXCELENTE! Now, I need to remove two sticks. 8. Challenge # 2 Dora needs to go around the big rocks in a way that Dora must teach the giant man to sing. 9. Then Dora sings and the giant man tells to her where she can find a ship in order to reach the palace of the Prince. 10. BRAVO! Another 2 sticks again. Hooray! 11. Challenge # 3 Dora and Boots need to sailed off the ship to avoid the bad weather and the pirate unless they do the Pig Dance. 12. Then Dora, Boots and the Pigs do the Pig Dance. 13. AMAZING! 4 more sticks but which pair do I need to remove? 14. Challenge # 4 Dora and Boots need to help the Prince to escape in his palace. HELP! HELP! HELP ME! 15. And now Dora and Boots need an appropriate key to open the door. I THINK ITS THE RED ONE. 16. And successfully! The Door opens and the Prince was very happy. THANK YOU VERY MUCH DORA AND BOOTS! 17. WE DID IT! WE DID IT! Do you have any idea which pair will I remove now ? 18. Two squares is it? BUT WHERES THE PRINCE AND MY REWARD? 19. Then the Prince gave a treasure to Dora and Thank you for saving me Dora. Denada and gracias your highness. 20. He marry her and they live happily ever after. </p>