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  1. 1. Diana Patricia Duitama Bez ngela Patricia Pinzn Lpez Paola Garzn Valero
  2. 2. REQUIREMENTS Registration Form Passport size photo Valid passport with an entire blank page Return ticket
  3. 3. Evidence of sufficient funds for their stay Proof of the purpose of your visit Payment of the visa fee On self-addressed stamped doing so by mail Proof of immigration status in their country of residence. Details flight journey.
  4. 4. Student Visa Requirements - Visa application duly completed, original and copy. - Family Information Form. - Receipt of payment of the visa of the Bank of the West - Passport valid for a minimum length of stay in Canada and previous passports - Two white passport size photograph should be stapled on top of each other on the bottom left of the form - Commitment letter, presenting their travel intentions. This letter is very important to be very well written and should include the itinerary - CAQ (Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec): If you are applying for a study permit bound for the Province of Quebec needs the CWC. - Letter of Acceptance from the educational institution in Canada must include: Name, telephone and address of the institution Syllabus Dates of commencement and completion of classes Costs and related values of Stay
  5. 5. - Certification studies in Colombia, - Original letter from employer indicating position, - Copies of bank statements for the last 3 months - Copies of tax returns for the past 2 years, - Certificates of release and immovable property, - Economic tests of family members who will pay the travel expenses - Original letter from the company in Colombia. - military record - medical examinations
  6. 6. Additional Documents For minors: Birth certificate. Notarized letter where parents give up custody of (a) less than the person or entity in Canada and a letter from that person or entity accepting custody of (the) lower during the trip. Letter authenticated authorization to leave the country for Canada, indicating the destination and length of stay in Canada.
  7. 7. Rates Tourist Minimum hundred and eighty thousand. Students two hundred and seventy thousand.

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