relationship of language and culture

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Text of relationship of language and culture

  • 1. Relationship Between Language and Culture
  • 2. Language is an integral part of culture and human culture cannot exist without it. Through the use of language, wide vistas of reality have been opened. What we have experienced, as well as our norms, values and ideas exist because we have learned to identify or experience these things through language (Panopio et al, 1992).
  • 3. If culture can affect the structure and content of its language, then it follows that linguistic diversity derives in part from cultural diversity.
  • 4. The linguistic relativity hypothesis asserts that language determines thought and therefore culture. In reality language and culture influence each other. Edward Sapir
  • 5. Culture
  • 6. As our nation continues to change, we all will interact with others from quiet different backgrounds from our own, especially in the classroom. The manner in which we respond to others who seem different can a have serious impact on school, work, and harmonious relationship with others.
  • 7. What is culture? Culture is defined as the set of learned behaviors,beliefs,attitudes,values, and ideals that are characteristics of a particular society or population (Ember,1999).
  • 8. THE END. Prepared by: OMEGA JOY DACAYANAN