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  • 1. Snow leopardBy. Sonette

2. Table of continentsP3. What dose it eatP4. Where do snow leopards liveP5. Describe the Animalp6. Interesting factsP7. Sites where I got my InformationP8. GlossaryP9. . IndexP10. About the Author 3. What does it eatSnow leopard eats deer, wild sheep, wildboars, Himalayan blue sheep . 4. Where do snow leopards live? 5. Describe the AnimalSnow leopards have white fur and tan fur.Some Snow leopards live in Asia.Snow leopards have wavy black strips on their body.Snow leopards have tails.Snow leopards can be 60 to 120 lbs. (27 to 54 kg).4-5 ft. (1.2 to 1.5 m); tail 36 in (91 cm). 6. Interesting Facts Did you know that not all snow leopards are white? 7. Sites where I got my Information 8. Glossary( Not all snow leopards are white)That means that snow leopards have more than one color. 9. Indexp1. What does snow leopards eatP2. What are snow leopards predatorP3. Where do Snow leopards liveP4. Describe the AnimalP5. Interesting FactsP6. Sites where I got my InformationP7. GlossaryP8. Index 10. About the AuthorHi Im Sonette that goes to Shades Mountain ElementarySchool. I like SMES because I have nice friends. My 3rdgrade teacher is Mrs. Marchant. My favorite colors isblue, green, red, black, yellow, purple, silver, and gold. Myfavorite thing to do is play Xbox 360 and go swimming. Ilike eggs and bacon. Im a tom-boy. Im a Lakers fan and aSpain Park Jaguar fan too.