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This slideshow presents an image-based overview of the Carnegie Research Commons at Stellenbosch University including reference to the concepts, context, facilities, services, activities, staff and general aspects related to the facility located in the JS Gericke Library, Stellenbosch.

Text of Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service Carnegie Research Commons

  • 1. Stellenbosch University Library and Information ServiceCARNEGIE RESEARCH COMMONS11/02/15

2. RESEARCH COMMONS11/02/15layout 3. RESEARCH COMMONStimeline Stellenbosch University joins the RLC - 2009Co-incided with Hope ProjectConstruction completed January 2011 Soft opening March 2011 Official opening - 10 May 2011and strong strategic shift to research orientation 11/02/15 4. RESEARCH COMMONSnational contextPertinent documents: 1997 White Paper on Higher Education Transformation 2001 National Plan for Higher Education 2012 Green paper for post-school education and training 2012 NPC Vision 2030 Goals include: Increased targets for high publication output rate Increased enrolment in science, engineering and technology Increased enrollment Masters and doctoral enrolments Increase number of HE permanent staff with doctoral degrees 11/02/15 5. RESEARCH COMMONSinstitutional context Research Policy of Stellenbosch University (2008) & Strategic Plan for the Environment of the VR (Research) (2009) Commitment to National System of Innovation and Government Research Agenda Specific goals : reduce ratio between undergrad and postgrad increased through-put rate half the completion time of masters & doctoral increased numbers of PhDs increased research output 11/02/15 6. THE RESEARCHlandscape is changing Problem-orientated Application-based Team-driven, partnership-based Multi-disciplinary, Interdisciplinary Transdisciplinary Heterogeneous, multi-cited Awareness of impact Social useful Beyond peer-review Data driven 11/02/15 7. strategic action plansRESEARCH COMMONS2013 Continuously develop a step-by-step guide as a virtual generic training programme for consultation and self-study Grow collaboration with cognate service divisions to solicit services that support postgraduate throughput Provide research excellence seminars to enhance the research skills of postgraduate students 11/02/15 8. RESEARCH COMMONSservice alignmentInstitutional RepositoryElectronic theses and dissertations Open Access Publishing of online journals Research Performance ManagementSciVal Experts Informations Services Digitisation and digital services 11/02/15 9. RESEARCH COMMONSfundamentalsWhatHigh-level support, high-facility Exclusive for masters, doctoral and academic staff (card access)WhyImprove through-put Enhance output HowProvide a conducive space for research productivity, collaboration and scholarly dialogue11/02/15 10. RESEARCH COMMONSholisticThe Research Commons takes a holistic approach to supporting research students and staff by offering space, services, facilities, equipment, skills development, social and emotional support as well as access to other campus support units 11/02/15in one location 11. RESEARCH COMMONShours Semester: Mon-Th 08:00-22:00 Fri Sat11/02/1508:00-18:30 10:00-16:30 12. RESEARCH COMMONSfacilities 33 individual study carousels 4 discussion rooms video-conferencing relaxation area; coffee wireless Laptops; ipads; recording device; headphones11/02/15 13. RESEARCH COMMONSutilities Printing Scanning Photocopying11/02/15 14. RESEARCH COMMONS video conferencingFree of charge, Polycom based Meetings (CSIR, reading circles), ethical committees PhD defenses Meetings with supervisors Fundamentally supports research networking and dialogue11/02/15 15. RESEARCH COMMONSlockers Bring your own lock and use a locker on a day to day basis11/02/15 16. RESEARCH COMMONScomputers Desktops are standardised to allow remote management and updating of software11/02/15 17. RESEARCH COMMONSseminar roomsRoom 1: 12 seats, laptop, plasma, white board Available for research groups, workshops, seminars, training, defense of thesis, max booking: full day Room 2: 10 seats, laptop, white board, video-conference, Polycom system (internet connection per IP address), free of charge Seminar room 3 & 4: 4-6 seats, laptop, plasma, white board. Available for consultations with faculty librarians or other research support services, group work, discussions. Bookings: 3 hours 11/02/15 18. RESEARCH COMMONSstyle High quality expression of respect and value of researchers Architects: Visser Kapperer De Bruin Style: Afro Chic African style meets couture with elegant feathers, detailed textiles, bold shapes, and refined colour Indigenous South African designs, furniture and fabric 11/02/15 19. RESEARCH COMMONSinspirationArtwork:Winter, Spring, and Rain - Larry Scully (1922-2002)How do I know - Renee le Roux Rasputin's Blue Roses - Christo CoetzeeAfrican Sentinel - Sculpture by Eduardo Villa (1915-2011) 11/02/15 20. RESEARCH COMMONSstaffSenior librarian (Lucia) RLC Academy participant, 2010USA Intern 2011Librarian (Mari) Mari LuciaRLC Academy participant, 2010Peer-assistance Six masters and doctoral students with research experience work in shifts 11/02/15Assistanth_Commons/Team.html 21. RESEARCH COMMONSconsultations Individual consultations with library experts and beyond arranged on requestFaculty librarians Writing laboratory Scholarly communications11/02/15 22. RESEARCH COMMONS11/02/15relaxing area 23. RESEARCH COMMONS collaboration Writing lab Postgraduate & Internat. Office Research Development Centre for Statistical Consultation Information Technology Centre for Teaching and Learning Community InteractionMembers form Research Support 11/02/15Forum and meet quarterly 24. RESEARCH COMMONSworkshopsNew! Your research footprint: tracking and enhancing scholarly and scientific impactNew! Finding sources for your literature review: an advanced guide for masters and doctoral students New! Manage your author rights New! Optimise your research visibility11/02/15 25. RESEARCH COMMONSworkshopsChoose the right research method for your project using SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO) Copyright issues in theses and dissertation writing Creating alerts to stay up to date in your discipline How can Open Access increase the citation rate of my publications? Finding government statistics Finding full-text easily Making important decisions about publishing your research11/02/15 26. RESEARCH COMMONS workshopsAn overview and comparison of free reference managers Storing and sharing large files Submitting your thesis/dissertation/articles to SUNScholar11/02/15 27. RESEARCH COMMONSsocial hour15 min research-related talk cheese and wine Opportunity for dialogue, discussion and interaction Inspirational, motivating11/02/15 28. 28 Social hour 23 Sept 2011 29. RESEARCH COMMONSlectures Invited lectures by distinguished researchers and visiting scholars Opportunity to share research/knowledge and inspire young researchers to be established11/02/15 30. RESEARCH COMMONSresearch cafOne hour weekly social hour during which coffee is served free of charge and RC users are encouraged to get to know each other and the librarians to be established11/02/15 31. RESEARCH COMMONSusage May 2013Gate count: 7315 Approx. 10% unique visitors (626) Bookings for seminar rooms: 76 Queries: approx. 212 per month Coffee consumption: 875 cups Average occupation of computer workstations: optimal11/02/15 32. RESEARCH COMMONSenquiriesAverage number of enquiries per day 10-15Technical (computers, printing, username/passwords, troubleshooting.)General (Refworks, referencing, Turnitin/plagiarism,short catalogue and database searches, room bookings, card access, coffee machine; lost items; enforcing good conduct)Other: technical editing of thesis, reference techniques, translation, etc.Subject/Information searches are handled by facultylibrarians 11/02/15 33. RESEARCH COMMONSexpertiseConnecting researchers with skills, information and facilitiesTroubleshooting Bibliographic management and reference techniques Technical guidelines for thesis writing Skype / video-conferencing facilities Editing, proofreading, translation contacts Document preparation Where to find assistance with ethical clearance procedures; copyright procedures; high performance computing facilities; specialised instrumentation (Central Analytical Facility)Where to find statistical assistance; equipment & devices for research; find funding / scholarships information, etc.11/02/15 34. RESEARCH COMMONSTopics includeResearch process Research methods Scientific writing skills Reference techniques Data collection Statistical analysis Dictionaries 11/02/15 Etc.collection 35. RESEARCH COMMONS11/02/15new books 36. RESEARCH COMMONS11/02/15brochures 37. RESEARCH SUPPORTLibguidesThe research process Steps in the research process Description of the step, useful reading, services & tools User guide for postgraduates and researchers Includes virtual networking spaces (SNSs) and tools and applications Where to publish your research article Covers traditional publication, Open Access and Subsidy information Bibliometrics and citation analysis 38. RESEARCH COMMONS Newsletter Blog Research Expressions Contributions to Postgrad and International Office Newsletter Facebook Twitter Website Flyers Display brochures / booksMarketing 39. RESEARCH COMMONSNewsElectronic distribution to regular users (concept design) 40. RESEARCH COMMONSvalueThe Library sees the Research Commons role in increasing research output and improving throughput as influential. The problem is how do we demonstrate this?11/02/15 41. RESEARCH COMMONS feedbackThank you for extra work space in separate room! The new Research Commons motivates you to come here and DO your work. Thank you! Baie dankie! Great initiative! Step up and unto the know ledge Good coffee!! Love the red couch Oh orange chair, thank you for loving my back This place is extraordinary I LOVE the Research Commons Thank you so much for the stationary, really helpful, I LOVE this place 42. RESEARCH COMMONS Suggestions