Styles, conventions and techniques

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Styles, conventions and techniques

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  • 1. Styles, Conventions and Techniques

2. Popular music genres reflects the genre of the music whether it be pop or indie. An example of Indie/alternative rock music video is Kasabian - Where did all the love go and Pop Bruno Mars The lazy Song. 3. In concert and live footage shows the bands playing live performances in concert. An example of this would be Could you be the one Stereophonics and Let there be love Oasis. 4. One video that is wholly animated is The Masterplan by Oasis. Some other videos are partly animated in some way. 5. One video that has a narrative for the audience to follow is AKA. What a Life by Noel Gallagher. 6. Surrealist music videos are seen by the audience are seen as surprising because of it being so eccentric . An example of this is Red hot chilli peppers Cant Stop. 7. Pastiche is a video that is set in another style. For example, Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody is set in the style of a theatrical production/play. 8. Parody A parody makes fun out of original concept of a video. For example, Weird Al Yonkovic Eat it Which makes fun of the Micheal Jackson song Beat it. 9. Music videos can sometimes reference other subjects such as films, events and people. An example of this is Micheal Jackson Earth Song which makes references to people living in poverty. 10. Homage use music videos as a way of showing there respect or thanking their influences. An example of this is Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal. 11. Impressionist music videos use elements such as soft lightening, flowing and colours. The name impressionist was taken from the 19th century art movement. An example of this is The Fray How To Save A Life 12. Influences in commercials is companies that advertise their products through music videos. This has become more popular is modern culture music videos. An example of this is Beyonce ft. Lady Gaga music video Telephone which includes the LG phone and advertisers Virgin Mobile. 13. Lyric interpretation means the way in which the viewer interpretive the way in which the song sounds or how the director sees what the lyrics interpretive. An example of this is the song by Katy Perry Hot n Cold. 14. Extending the songs meaning is promoting the deeper meaning of the song and integrating it into the music video. An example of this is the video for Oasis Dont look back in Anger. 15. Consolidating the songs meanings means joining the sounds and the images together to strengthen the meaning of the music video. An example of this is the video by The Script Talk you down. 16. An allusion video is something that is considered sycadelic and has an inner meaning to the video that only the artist or producer of the song would understand. An example of this is the video by Oasis Dont Go Away. 17. This is where a music video videos are made in reference to another music video. Some of the ways in which it is done is parody and homage. A example of this would be in Mitchell Clarks BTEC music video for get lucky, is he is burning the business card a local band called The Anyones. 18. Cutting to the beat means cutting to shots to the beat or rhythm of the song. An example of this a-ha Take on me. 19. Miming or lip syncing would be a live performance from the artist and lip synced to the track. An example of this is by the band Busted and their song 3am which shows a live performance of the song at one of their shows. 20. Visual effects are used for a number of reasons, they are mainly used because the visual effects could be used to attract different audiences and impress the audience because the effects are cutting edge. An example of this is the video by Green Day Boulevard of broken dreams. 21. Multi image is where various different events that could have happened at different time or different places and shown into the same shot mainly using a split screen. An example of this is Blink 182 always which shows this throughout the video. 22. Where the camera man is using shots such as panning, tracking shots and tilt shots throughout the video to create anticipating for the audience throughout the video. An example of this The Anyone's Second Hand Man video, where the cameraman has used a variety of these shots throughout the video. 23. Using a variety of shots from a variety of angles which create meaning and tone in the video. An example of the is the video by Beyonce Single Ladies where a variety of angle shots are shown. 24. This is where all of the footage or most of it is filmed in front of a green screen and the background is then replaced with some other moving image. An example of this is the video by Oasis All Around The World where the images look surreal.