Teacher Dashboard for Google Apps overview june 2011

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Teacher DashboardFeatures OverviewJune 2011</p> <p>Copyright 2010 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Ongoing enhancementsCopyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.*This slide deck covers some of the key Teacher Dashboard featuresPlease note:This deck does not cover domain configuration or policy enforcement featuresThis is an overview onlyService features and descriptions are subject to change without noticePlease request a demo to learn more!</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Teacher Dashboard Design GoalsSimplify and speed up classroom setup</p> <p>Reduce the effort of managing a digital classroom</p> <p>Reduce the risks / enforce policies</p> <p>*Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Google Docs / Folder View</p> <p>Student Docs View - DetailClick to open doc, mouse hover for previewWho last updated doc and whenYear level, age, reading age, scoresOpen Moanas Reading folderEmail MoanaOpen Student NotesList of most recently updated documentsCan be filtered (volcanoes)</p> <p>Sharing ViewUnshared: documents not shared with the teacherPublic: documents visible outside of school domainExternal: documents shared with students by external partiesTrash: documents in student Trash folderAll Docs: searchable list of all student docsClick to Share: temporarily grants edit rights to any docCopyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Picasa ViewAt-a-glance view of student imagesThumbnail or list view (similar to Docs, with preview) availableMouse hover to reveal additional informationClick to open image in Picasa</p> <p>Blogger Posts View - DetailMouse hover over post title for full post preview (including drafts)Draft post indicatorClick to open post in BloggerMost recent posts in each students blogFilter list on post titleClick to open blog</p> <p>Blogger Comments View - DetailQuickly identify blogs with no recent commentsClick to open blog comment pageHover mouse over title to see full comment textEasily see comment author(Anonymous comments are highlighted in red)Most recent comments on each students blogJump to the blog post itselfCopyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Google Sites (ePortfolio) ViewCopyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Google Sites DetailList of recent content updates, jump directly to pageWho last updated page content &amp; whenYear level, age, arbitrary dataOpen Carolines ePortfolio SiteEmail CarolineOpen Teacher Notes</p> <p>Gmail View - detailClick to view messageIndicators for attachments and read/unread statusView Inbox, Sent Mail and Trash foldersGmail view can be disabled for the domainCopy complete message into your own mailbox (preserves all details)Search mailboxes using full Gmail syntax (from:, etc.)Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Calendar CreationCalendars can be created for each classTeachers have full owner rightsStudents are automatically subscribed to enrolled class calendarsA calendar can be shared between classesStudents can be automatically subscribed to school-wide calendarsCopyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Student AccessStudents interact with Google Apps, not Teacher Dashboard</p> <p>Teacher Dashboard sets up their environment, i.e. shared folders, calendars, etc.</p> <p>Teacher Dashboard does not limit what students can or cannot do within Google Apps, but it does make the activity more transparent</p> <p>*Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Students Docs ViewCopyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Student Shared FoldersFolders automatically created and shared with student based on current class enrollmentStudent retains ownership of documentsAll documents also visible to teacher and school adminAutomatic sharing with an institutional content owner accountCopyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Teacher View: Elementary SchoolView represents a single classroom (Room 20)Multiple subject folders(configurable per class)Access to Gmail &amp; document sharing views (non-academic info)Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Teacher View: High SchoolView displays all classes taught by the teacherTeachers/staff can also observe other classesSubject folder corresponds to the classLimited access to non-academic informationCopyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Teacher NotesUnique document generated for each student,shared with staff onlyAny type of Google Doc can serve as a templateOne-click access fromTeacher Dashboard.All teachers see the same documentUse multiple worksheets to manage notes, assessment info.Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Managing ClassroomReset student passwordsLinks to class folder in DocsEasily copy student list into other systemsA unique Google group is automatically set up for each classCopyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Managing Classroom: Password ResetLookup student email addressesEasily reset individual student passwordsPasswords can also be reset for the whole classCopyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Copyright 2011 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Administrative view of contentA consistent folder structure is automatically maintainedClass folderis shared with the class teacher(s)Subject folders can differ from class to classHistorical content is archived and retainedA Shared Docs folder visible to all class students simplifies sharingStudents only see their personal subject folders, not the whole structureHidden student documents are visible through the Sharing viewAll student content is discoverable and searchable by school administrator</p> <p>Setting up Teacher DashboardOne hour screen share setup session:Validate your Google Apps settingsConfigure Teacher Dashboard to meet your needsSet up an initial classroom or twoYou get to do the driving!Pre-requisites:Activated Google Apps for Education domainDomain admin accessList of students and their classrooms</p> <p>Copyright 2010 Hapara Ltd.*</p> <p>Copyright 2010 Hapara Ltd.</p> <p>Pricing$250 per classroom per year</p> <p>or</p> <p>$4 per student per yearBased on school roll sizeMay exclude year 0-4 students if they are not using Google Apps</p> <p>(All prices in USD, discounts available for large schools and districts)Copyright 2010 Hapara Ltd.*</p> <p>Copyright 2010 Hapara Ltd.</p>