The Mobile Language Learning Field

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Photo of Greek art about 500 BC by Douris, by Pottery Fan, 2009, CC BY-SA 3.0 Mobile Language Learning Fieldby Steve McCarty

Osaka Jogakuin University Annual Research Meeting 18 February 2015Book contract with Springer (Germany)

Contextualizing Mobile Language Learning

Defining the Mobile Language Learning fieldTo define concepts or technical terms in fuller dimensionality is to place them in their cultural, disciplinary, and temporal contextsMobile Internet > m-learning > MALLMobility of the learnerMobile devicesMobile phones, smartphonesTablets (iPad, etc. iPod was an intermediate stage), (hybrid) phabletsWearable networked accessoriesCharacteristics of mobile devices for learningPortableOnlineBlendedSocialConnecting learners with content, experiences, teachers, & peersWhat Mobile Language Learning isLearner-centered m-learning for language acquisition & communicationFuture goal: Ubiquitous Language Learning