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Presentation from staff meeting on new Traineeship programme.


  • 1. Work-Based Learning 2011 - 2014 20 July 2011

2. Programme Structure - Traineeships Eligible to young people aged 18 or under who haveleft compulsory education (16 in Wales) Three strands: Engagement (entry level) Level 1 Bridge to Employment (level 2) 3. Traineeships: EngagementEngagement Are assessed as needing to address a barrier (orbarriers) to further learning or employment and / or Need to confirm or contextualise an occupationalfocus prior to entering further learning oremployment Must undertake a Basic Skills Assessment (initialassessment) Programme not linked to the delivery or achievementof qualifications. 4. Traineeships (continued) Engagement Traineeship learners must attendlearning 12 hours or over in any 5 day period(Monday to Friday only). The maximum hours ofattendance is 21 hours in any 5 day period Less than 21 hours first four weeks only Those following an Engagement Traineeshipprogramme must be paid a non-means testedallowance of 30 per week; reduced according toattendance 5. Traineeships: Level 1The Level 1 Traineeship is for those who: Have undertaken a Vocational Guidance Interviewi.e. are able to follow a programme of study atLevel 1 6. Traineeships: Level 1 (continued) The identification and addressing of a learning*barrier (or barriers) that prevents the learnerprogressing into vocational or other learning at level1 or specified level 2, or entering employment Must undertake a Basic Skills Assessment, unlessevidence is available following progression from theEngagement Programme Programme linked to the delivery or achievement ofqualifications and *Note: Barriers may include physical fitness forcareers in military and emergency services 7. Traineeships: Level 1 andEngagementWe expect providers to develop learning opportunitieswith: Employer work placements Community projects Voluntary work Centre based facility 8. Traineeships: Bridge to EmploymentBridge to Employment is: For learners who have achieved a level 1 and areeligible and are unable to progress to an alternativelevel 2 learning option no direct recruitment Have completed a Traineeship Level 1 programme 9. Traineeships: Bridge to EmploymentEntry requirements - Minimum Qualifications: Have attained a minimum, all of the following:- QCF qualification/units which tests occupational competencies All ESW/Wider Keyskills qualifications at Level 1 A Personal, Social, Health and Economic qualification or equivalent unit as identified by WAG A citizenship qualification or equivalent unit as identified by WAG An enterprise qualification or equivalent unit as identified by WAG 10. Traineeships (continued) Traineeship Level 1 and Bridge to Employmentlearners shall normally attend learning for 30 hoursor over in any 7 day period The maximum hours of attendance shall be 40 hours(including one meal break per day) in any 7 dayperiod Those following a Traineeship Level 1 or Bridge toEmployment programme must be paid an allowanceof a minimum of 50 per week reduced accordingto attendance 11. Traineeships Referral Processes and Forms 12. Referral Processes and FormsEngagement Strand All entrants must be referred by Careers Wales Referral Form Process TRF forms will be sent via email only Due to confidential information, the file will be encrypted TRF will be received and processed by Diane and cc to Helen and Tracey Will be required to install AxCrypt in order to decrypt the file No endorsement process 13. Referral Processes and FormsLevel 1 Strand Issued by Careers Wales following a vocationalguidance interview Simplified referral process! Learner must complete application form and will beresponsible for bringing the application form to theirinterview with provider (provider will not have copiesof such form) 14. Referral Processes and FormsBridge to Employment Transfer from level 1 training to Bridge toEmployment A review with Careers Wales for confirmation ofeligibility and suitability would be expected at thisstage 15. Traineeships Additional Allowances All Traineeship learners are eligible to receive acontribution towards travel costs in excess of 5 perweek Plus childcare / other support 16. Traineeships: Targets Engagement 60% progression to employment orhigher level learning* Level 1 65% progression to employment or higherlevel learning* Bridge to Employment 85% progression toemployment or higher level learning* * Reserve the right to change in future years 17. Funding: Traineeships (continued) Guided Contact Hours Bilingual / Welsh language uplift Determine expected duration of learning* Subject Area Weightings* The same funding methodology as Steps toEmployment* * Not engagement (90 CEU Cap per learner)


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