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Comenius "Dive in the Sky"

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  • Turkey Dive in the sky
  • First, thanks for the hospitality in Austria.It was a good opportunity for the teachers and students to know different cultures.
  • We made a program. Our first goal was to create awareness about light pollution. So we decided to create a Comenius team. Our teachers, Ycel olpan, Grdes Sever and Gzel Erdem decided to join as a volunteer. We did our previous calendar activities to gain more awareness of the project and to determine our students who will take active roles in the light pollution contest.
  • First, astronaut outfit design contest was organized. Students researched astronaut suit and their properties. This contest attracted the attention of students and their families. Thus the first awareness of the subject was created. As a result of this competition, the first student was chosen to participate the Comenius team and this mobility. Canpolat DORAY was the winner of the contest.
  • The second competition was to make the model the three-dimensional space. They learnt about stars, sun and stars, planets. Melih Bekay was the winner .
  • Our third contest was to make the three- dimensional space shuttle. Students explored the properties of the space shuttle
  • Our teacher told them how to make balloon rocket experiments aim and result. They learnt relation between balloon rocket and a real rocket. They undertand it's all about the air...and thrust. As the air rushes out of the balloon, it creates a forward motion called THRUST. Thrust is a pushing force created by energy. In the balloon experiment, our thrust comes from the energy of the balloon forcing the air out. Different sizes and shapes of balloon will create more or less thrust. In a real rocket, thrust is created by the force of burning rocket fuel as it blasts from the rockets engine - as the engines blast down, the rocket goes up!
  • In the light of the results of the competition, our students who took an active role in light pollution contest were chosen. After the contests, we took an action to learn more about light pollution. In this study, our school collaborated with Eskiehir Anadolu University Physics Department Faculty Member Blent Aslan in order to create the right product and the right workflow. Measurement is made by projects students at the time of the favorable sky with Sky Quality Meter SQM
  • All teachers have been informed about light pollution. We wanted all third and fourth grades to take photos of bad lights in Eskiehir.
  • We collaborated with local media to attract more attention.Our events took part in even Belgium newspaper.
  • GLSENA DEMRCAN AND HER FRENDS MAKE THS PROJECT We decided to prepare two kinds of maps. This one was made of taken photos .
  • The other was more complicated.. We learnt how to measure light pollution. So when the condition was avaible we measured it. After measuring it we created our map
  • The
  • We prepared light pollution corner to create interest
  • We want to take real photos of sun and planets. We are going to have this opportunity in May and June. Our other activity was to prepare a dictionary. Thanks to Nelson he prepared for us and we added some words. We wanted each students to choose five words about sky in order to create awareness on Dive in the sky. Our team chose the most common 25 words to include the dictionary. So this process was a little long. We wanted all students to do a research about a famous Turkish scientists and explain him/ her by drawing Picture in order to continue the cartoon.
  • We visited space house in order to get more information
  • Finally, we held a logo contest . Thanks for your attention.


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