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For next Promotion, after laps of Time, KHIIPPK (Staff development Section offered> First (Middle Management Mandatory Course) of 3 weeks from 29-04-2013 to 17-05-2013, conducted in (PTC) PIA Training Center Karachi. Participants were very senior, professional and experienced Officers awaited for next promotion and from all PIA departments, Marketing, PHS, Engineering HR, Finance, Precision Engineering, IT etc. Finally every participant had to present a presentation to show their Managerial Skills, they were prepared for in PTC and accordingly myself also gave presentation was accepted as Bench Mark. Attached Presentation was on CHRONIC ISSUES of PIA Operation. For your record and Perusal Please. Best Regards Engr. Abdul Razzaque Memon/P-46018 Manager ULD Central Control (Automation)

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  • 1. A CHRONIC ISSUE OF PIA OPERATIONPresentation By:Engr. Abdul Razzaque MemonMIDDLE MANAGEMENT COURSE FRI (17th May 2013)

2. What are ULDs PALLET SHEETs(PAJ Series / Size: 88 X 125) PALLET NETs CONTAINERs(AKE Series / Size: 64 X 125 3. Aluminum made ULDs are very expensive piece ofequipment, needs to be handled carefully inOperational Areas as well during on-load/off-loadto/from the aircrafts. Due various safety reasons, usage of DamageULDs are strictly prohibited by IATA , FAA andother Regulating authorities.MISHANDLING OF ULDs One Major reason of Restriction of PK Operation in EUCountries was due usage of Damaged ULDs by MajorDomestic Stations KHI LHE ISB. 4. FINANCIAL IMPACT ON PIA IF ULDs MIS MANAGED Despite financial crises, PIA had no option but had to procure new ULDsto run its Operation for EU, USA, Canada bound Flights, that needs ACategory ULDs only.At rate of Approximately PKR 80,000 each, Recently 500 Containers forbaggage were procured by the PHS Division and at rate of Approximately60,000 PKR each , 250 new PLT sheets were procured by Cargo Division. Procurement of 250 Pallet nets at rate of PKR 2500 each by CargoDepartment is still awaited. PIA had a sufficient number of B Category ULDs for domestic and otherstations where SAFA Check is not required, these ULDs are Repaired inRSD Workshop and utilized. PIA Also hold sufficient No. of BER (Beyond Economy Repair, termed CCategory ULDs. These Damaged ULDs are Utilized for Patching/Spare. 5. ULD MANAGEMENT HIRACHY 6. ULD CHAMP MANAGER SYSTEM(Window Based End-User Software by IATA Approved CHAMP) Effective management of ULD assets presents a major challenge for airlines. Lost equipment needs replacing, often at considerable expense, and incorrect handling canresult in damage leading to costly repairs or asset write offs. CHAMP ULD provides the most comprehensive and effective ULD management solutionavailable in the market to day, helping carriers to keep track of their assets and ensuringmaximum utilization per unit. Real-time system alerts combined with visibility of the airlines network-wide ULD inventoryhelps to ensure that equipment is in the right place, at the right time, and in the rightcondition. This is called END USER System, Operates and maintains Stations Inventory of ULDs withtheir own feed backs. Like UCMs (Unit Check Messages) ; SCMs (Stock Check Messages) . These Messages are received to System by Operational Station feedback on SITA Formattedtelexes and Automatically managed Stations inventory. ULD Chronic issues prevails because most operational stations, that does not Flash UCMs /SCMs hence is a chronic issue for PIA and cause of ULD Shortage/mismanagement. 7. HOW TO OVERCOME THIS CHRONIC ISSUE With Proper, regular and appropriate joint trainings in PTC connecting withOJTs for every PHS, Cargo, RSD, Quality, Safety, Engineering and MIS Officersand staff. With proper Operational ULD Setup for PHS, Cargo in Shifts at Base StationsKHI-ISB-LHE-PEW and religious involvement of CTM and Station Managers /Shift Managers. Head office Controlled ULD Central Control (Automation Unit) with fullsupport and resources. Station Controlled ULD Operation and repairing Unit. Quality Control by SAFETY / QUALITY when ULDs are out from repair shopand after standard repairing. Feeding and Retrieval of Pallets / Pallet nets to needy stations by CargoDivision. Retrieval and feeding of containers by Station Managers and Day/Shift ULDOperation Team. 8. THANK YOU!