Viral and new digital media strategies

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Viral and new digital media strategies intro


<ul><li> 1. Viral and New DigitalMedia StrategiesProf. NachtigallMaster in Fashion events and Public relations2014/2015By Sophia Andersson</li></ul> <p> 2. Customer Channels ConversationsCommunities Challenges Content 3. Social communication needsfollowers: Buzz Facebook Twitter Foursquare MySpace Linked In Instagram 4. About Facebook Facebook is an online social networking service with more than 1,1billion active users, or Facebook Profiles, around the world! Helps you to connect with family, friends and new encounters ! Facebook Pages are for businesses, brands and organizations toshare their stories and connect with people. Like Profiles, you cancustomize Pages by posting stories, hosting events, adding apps andmore. People who like your Page and their friends can get updates inthe News Feed. You can create and manage a Page from yourpersonal account. Facebook allows people and companies topromote themselves and attract customers, for free. 5. LinkedIn!! The world's largest professional network with 300 million members inover 200 countries and territories around the globe.!! Simple mission: connecting the world's professionals to make themmore productive and successful. You get access to people, jobs,news and updates. 6. What is Instagram? Instagram is a fun and exciting way to share your life with friendsthrough a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone,then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keeparound forever. Instagram connects the world through photos! Like the other social networks as Twitter and Facebook, theInstagram app is for free! You can share your instagram photos on Flickr, Facebook, Tumblrand Twitter and if you specify your location you can also bechecked out on Foursquare. Instagram helps you to share yourphotos on multiply platforms! You can have a private account or a public account, if you have aprivate account you have to accept the person requesting to followyou on Instagram, in order for he or she to see your photos 7. How to use #hashtags more effectively inyour social media content: When you upload social media content, use hashtags to further describe its purposeand the value it offers to its audience. For example - if your content relates to a topiclike #menswear, #fallfashion, #love, or a #holiday, say so by including a #hashtag. Usethem to categorize your brands messages, they are a unifying force! The hashtag started on Twitter but has spread to every other social network and hasbecome a staple of modern marketing. If you go online and you search for a hashtagged phrase, you will find out more of whatever the brand is promoting or what theywant to communicate! Use them to extend the reach of your posts! Use them to start a topic trend ! #Hashtags let us inform others what we are talking about 8. + positive effects aboutsocial media could be: Friends and relations - social media helps us to connect with friendsand build better relationships with people we might be unable to meetpersonally, and let them know about our lives and happenings andviceversa Businesses opportunities - Businesses have noticed the value ofsocial networks in our life, and they are using different techniques topromote their products. Since social marketing is cost effective andbrands have a huge audience, they are turning more towards socialmarketing. Creating smaller communication barriers - We have theopportunity to create groups with people who are like-minded and sharethe related news with them and ask for their opinion or input about acertain topic. 9. - negative effects of socialmedia could be: Creating addiction - A lot of people feel the need to postsomething on their pages or check others posts as it has becomean important part of our life, social networking can becomeaddictive to the users Lead to isolation - The human interaction has becomeeffortless and people have isolated their lives behind their onlineidentities thanks to social networks Affecting productivity - Mostly businesses use social mediato find and communicate with clients, but it is also a greatdistraction to employees, who find what their friends are postingonline way more interesting than their actually work tasks. 10. INSTAGRAM 11. Thank you </p>