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  • 1. William ShakespeareBy Thomas, A.J., Zachary, Billy

2. Life

  • Shakespeare birth date was unknown, but they think he was born on a Sunday.( it is estimated that Shakespeare was born on April 26 ,1564.)
  • Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway and had 3 kids named Susanna, Haunts, and Judith Shakespeare
  • Shakespearedied in April 23 1616 no one knows why he died, but they think it was a disease.

3. Language

  • Shakespeare is credited by the Oxford English Dictionary for the introduction to nearly 3,000 words into the language.

4. Works

  • His earliest works included Henry VI, The two Gentlemen of Verona , and Titus And Roncious
  • Shakespeares first printed works included two long poems called Venus and Adonis(1543) and the rape of Lucree(1594)that were both dedicated to the Earl of Southampton.

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