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    IDEA StatiCa Concrete

    IDEA StatiCa Concrete

    Modern architecture is built on concrete so engineers have to deal with it bridges, shopping malls, residential

    units, infrastructure projects, offshore structures, and infrastructure and energy systems. Structural analysis

    and design of these structures is a challenging task both because of the natural complexity of the subject

    and because of the regulation an engineer has to comply with to get the project done. In such an environment,

    engineers are poised to work quicker, more accurate and more reliably than ever before. IDEA StatiCa Concrete

    provides them set of tools for that and respect to that is:

    GEOMETRY 2D/3D geometry of beams, curved in elevation

    and plan, tapered beams

    Frames, columns, piers, slabs

    Catalogue, general and composite css

    ANALYSIS Analysis of creep and shrinkage

    Redistribution and reduction of internal forces

    Non-linear deflections with long-term effects

    LOAD Fatigue and accidental design situations

    Complete ULS and SLS combinations according

    to EN 1990

    User defined internal forces

    DESIGN Plain / reinforced concrete

    Complete ULS and SLS design according

    to EN 1992-1-1, EN 1992-2, SIA 262

    Cross-section capacity in flexure, shear, torsion,

    interaction of N, Vy, Vz, Mx, My, Mz, fatigue, shear

    in composite joint

    Serviceability stress limitations, crack width


    Reinforcement layout, predefined and user-defined

    reinforcement templates

    Stress-strain response N-M-M, diagram M-N-rotation,

    short/ long-term stiffness

    2nd order effects

    Corbel/ Bracket design using Strut&Tie method

    OUTPUTS Graphical presentation of checks

    Brief output overview or detailed report

    Bill of material

    DXF export

    SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVEenables easy input and fast design of the structure

    COMPREHENSIBLEprovides clear information about beam behavior and utilization of particular sections

    COMPLETEprovides comprehensive checks according to code requirements including references

    to code provisions, tooltips, and explanations

    Key features of IDEA StatiCa Concrete

  • IDEA StatiCa Concrete

    Ca lcu la te yesterday s est imates

    Benefits for engineers

    IDEA StatiCa Prestressing enables engineers all around the world to design every new structure cheaper and safer by:

    IDEA StatiCa Concrete is an effective tool for design of members, cross-sections and details

    Visit our website to find out more.

    Prefabricated beams

    with various CSS

    Bridge piers, columns,

    prestressed trusses and frames

    Cast-in-place beams, slabs

    and columns

    Liquid retaining

    and containment structures

    Residential buildings, shopping malls, building renovation

    Bridges, civil and industrial buildings

    Minimizing risks of structural defects

    Decreasing material consumption of members and details

    Reducing time spent on designing of structure

    Providing 100% white box results for engineers, general contractors, checkers and construction authorities

    Range of application

    The program is suitable for a wide range of reinforced concrete structures.

    Fast and optimized design

    of reinforcement

    Member and sectional design