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  • IDEA StatiCa Calculate yesterdays estimates



    We are a company dedicated to analysis of structural members and details. Engineers

    use IDEA StatiCa programs to design residential, civil and industrial structures.

    Our software deals with both safety and economic efficiency of structures.

    We constantly research and develop new structural analysis methods

    to make every new construction safer and cheaper.

    We are structural engineers and make software for structural engineers Lubos Sabatka, Jaroslav Navratil


    IDEA RS develops new generation of designing and checking programs. Structural engineers and consultants use them to design

    residential, civil and industrial structures. We deliver a flexible system of programs to enhance output and working comfort

    of every engineering office.

    IDEA StatiCa Calculate yesterdays estimates

    IDEA StatiCa enables engineers to design every new construction cheaper and safer by:

    Minimizing risks of structural defects

    Decreasing material consumption of construction members/details by up to 30%

    Reducing time spent on designing of construction members/details by up to 50%

    Providing 100% white box results for engineers, general contractors, checkers and construction authorities.

    IDEA StatiCa has three main parts:

    IDEA StatiCa Concrete created for engineers dealing with concrete structures

    IDEA StatiCa Prestressing devoted to bridge and prestressed structures

    IDEA StatiCa Steel focused on steel structures and joints

    Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the field.


  • IDEA StatiCa Prestressing

    Ca lcu la te yesterday s est imates

    Ca lcu la te yesterday s est imates


    IDEA StatiCa Prestressing

    StatiCa Prestressing is used by engineers for the design of members, cross-sections, and details of prestressed

    concrete structures and bridges. The program is suitable for an extensive range of applications

    in both pre- and post-tensioned concrete market. With respect to that IDEA StatiCa Prestressing is:

    GEOMETRY 2D/3D geometry of beams, curved in elevation

    and plan, tapered beams

    Frames, columns, piers

    Uncoiling and vertical scaling of beam

    Predefined 3D shapes of tendon, table/DXF

    input&output, geometry of tendon spacers

    User templates of reinforcement and tendon shapes

    Catalogue, general and composite CSS

    ANALYSIS Predefined types of construction stages

    TDA Time-dependent analysis of creep

    and shrinkage, creep non-linearity

    Redistribution and reduction of internal forces

    Prestressing loses

    LOAD Fatigue and accidental design situations

    Calculation of equivalent loads, balancing of external


    Complete ULS and SLS combinations according

    to EN 1990

    Bridge combinations according to EN 1991-2

    User defined internal forces

    CHECKS Complete ULS and SLS checks according

    to EN 1992-1-1, EN 1992-2, SIA 262

    Cross-section capacity in flexure, shear, torsion,

    interaction of N, Vy, Vz, Mx, My, Mz, fatigue, shear

    in composite joint

    Serviceability stress limitations, crack

    width, decompression condition, brittle failure

    Stress-strain response N-M-M, diagram M-N-rotation,

    short/ long-term stiffness, detailing rules

    OUTPUTS Graphical presentation of checks

    Brief output overview or detailed report

    Bill of material

    DXF export

    SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVEenables easy input and fast design of the structure

    COMPREHENSIBLEprovides clear information about beam behavior and utilization of particular sections

    COMPLETEprovides comprehensive checks according to code requirements including references to code provisions, tooltips,

    and explanations

    Key features of IDEA StatiCa Prestressing

  • IDEA StatiCa Prestressing

    Ca lcu la te yesterday s est imates

    Visit our website to find out more.

    Range of application

    The program is suitable for a wide range of pre- and post-tensioned concrete structures.

    Prefabricated beams

    with various CSS

    Bridge piers, columns,

    prestressed trusses and frames

    Beams and design strips

    of post-tensioned slabs

    Continuous beams

    with composite slab

    Civil and industrial buildings

    Bridge structures

    Bridges cast-in-place

    into falsework

    Precast hollow core slabs

    with or without topping

    Easy to Use, Correct and Complete Solution

    Distinctive features of composite design module are completeness, comprehensiveness. Design methods fully comply

    with complex Eurocode and SIA code requirements. At the same time the solution is easy to use and effective for daily

    needs of industry professionals. Fast and simple input is done with help of specialized wizard. All data related to the analysis

    of construction stages is generated automatically and they are presented in terms well known to the engineers, such as load

    cases, combinations etc. Therefore they need not to adapt their workflow and logic to the complex method of analysis.

    The objective was to provide correct and complete solution & make it easy. So the program is focused, simple, and fast tool

    rather than generic and complicated puzzle.

  • IDEA StatiCa Prestressing

    Ca lcu la te yesterday s est imates

    Structural model of design strip of post-tensioned slab

    IDEA StatiCa Beam

    IDEA StatiCa Beam is the module for analysis and design of continuous composite 2D and 3D beams made from pre- or post-

    tensioned prefabricated or cast-in-situ elements made subsequently monolithic above supports by diaphragms and cast-in-situ

    slab. The module contains the tools for simple input, structural analysis with respect to construction stages, creep, shrinkage

    and concrete ageing, and code assessment.

    WIDE VARIABILITY OF GEOMETRY Single span or continuous beams with 2D/3D geometry, overhangs, haunches, general supports

    Straight or curved in plane and elevation, pitch

    COMPREHENSIVE IMPLEMENTATION OF EUROCODE Complete ULS and SLS combinations according to EN 1990 and EN 1991-2

    Design according to EN 1992-1-1, EN 1992-2

    COMPLETE SOLUTION OF PRESTRESSING Pre- and post-tensioned tendons of general shape

    Special input wizard

    Beam uncoiling and scaling

    Complete calculation of tendon losses

    Equivalent load determination and presentation

    Design of prestressing force by balancing of external loads

    Tendon user templates, DXF and TXT import and export

    Perfect and comprehensible check of cross section

    Bill of material

    Unique features of design and check in IDEA StatiCa Prestressing

    Easy to use, but at the same time general and complete solution.

  • IDEA StatiCa Prestressing

    Ca lcu la te yesterday s est imates

    The definition of tendon geometry related to the shape of a designed structure can be a difficult design step

    especially in case of curved structures. IDEA StatiCa Prestressing provides for the uncoiling of the beam

    and simplifies this step plus, you work in 2D and you make a 3D structure.

    3D problem

    By uncoiling the beam in the plan we simplify the problem to 2D geometry. Consequently the beam appears

    straight in XY and XZ planes and the definition of tendon geometry is no longer a challenging task.


    The next step can be a complex job, which is the drawing of tendon shape in a slender prestressed beam!

    It can be very challenging, because the beams are usually very long and shallow and one can hardly differentiate

    the tendons details. That is why we offer the possibility to scale selected element vertically and horizontally.

    Vertical and horizontal scaling

    Tendon shape design

    Scale your beam vertically to obtain clear drawing in comfortable arrangement.

  • IDEA StatiCa Prestressing

    Ca lcu la te yesterday s est imates

    Design of tendon shape in 2D environment

    Once we have prepared the uncoiled and scaled view of the beam, we can generate a default shape of the tendon automatically,

    also with respect to support positions. If needed, the tendon shape can be adapted to meet any user defined requirements.

    The magnitude of prestressing effects is controlled by prestressing force. According to Prof. T.Y. Lin, a portion of an external

    load has to be balanced by the equivalent load caused by prestressing. The Load balancing method can therefore be used

    for preliminary design of the prestressing force.

    Default shapes of tendon with extensive predefined shapes parabolic/polygonal

    Import from TXT, DXF

    User-defined templates

    A 3D tendon profile is obtained by composing XY and XZ plane projections. In addition, the tendon is wound up the beam

    and the beam is coiled back to its real shape. In this way we obtain tendon geometry related to curved shapes of a designed

    beam quickly with no additional effort! As it is documented here by the examples, the effort is reduced to the situation

    of straight beams.

    Calculation of prestressing loses

    Needless to