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SCT: Smart Conveying Technology

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Smart Conveying Technology

Easy maintenance, reduction (approx. 85%) in maintenance time by divided stator200 % longer life time of rotor and stator by integrated stator retensioning deviceEasy Maintenance - no special tools requiredRemoving pipework not necessaryInternational patentedMarket Launch 2008

Smart Conveying Technology

Smart Conveying Technology

Supplied into most industries Wide variety of applications and productsOver 17.000 SCT-pumps in operation

Design details of sct SMART ROTORDetachable rotor head connection for fast assembly/ disassembly, while leaving the universal joint intactADJUSTING SEGMENTSFor positioning and axially sealing the stator halvesAdjusting the stator clamping retensions the stator halvesSEGMENT RETAINER RINGSFor positioning and radially sealing the stator halvesLocating the adjusting segmentsSMART STATORTwo, comparativelylight, stator halves


KEY FACTSCasings grey cast iron or stainless steelStatorNBR, EPDM or VitonRotorstainless steel ductil, C45 ductil or hardened tool steel with or without ductilFlangesDIN, ANSI and others on requestRanges BN, BT, BTQOperation clockwise or counter-clockwiseInstallationhorizontal and verticalOptionsTSE dry running protection can be fitted

Pressureup to 8 barCapacityup to 120m/h


RE-Adjustments of sct Stator can be re-adjusted to compensate for wearNo special tools required to inspect wearing parts or change the stator

RE-Adjustments of sct

SCTConventionalSCT AdjustmentAt this point maintenance is required At this point a conventional stator would need to be replacedWith correct adjustment, life of rotor and stator can be doubledOPERATING TIME

Lost productionInsufficient flowrateFLOWRATE

How to re-adjust correctly a SCT pump: - When the flow is correct, a reading from either a flow meter or ammeter should be taken and noted for future reference- As wear takes place in the pump, the flowrate and current being drawn by the motor will reduce gradually- Eventually adjustments will need to be made- The flow rate and/or ammeter readings taken act as a datum


Easy retro-fittingSCT can be retro-fitted onto your existing pumps

No pipe work modificationsNo dimensional difference from pumps with conventional statorEasy retro-fitting


Quick and easy maintenance:

Quick and easy blockage removal

Top half of the stator can be removed to gain access to the debris

Visual inspection of rotor and stator


Your BenefitsEnergy efficientGuaranteed future spare part revenueLightweight componentsModular designPatented design

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