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Reach level 85 in no time! This WoW Cataclysm Hunter leveling guide series will turn you into a leveling machine! This first fast Hunter leveling guide covers Hunter introduction, server types and a brief overview of the Beast Mastery talent tree.


  • 1. Fast Hunter Leveling GuidePart 1 of 5
    How To Turn your Hunter Into a LEVELING MACHINE!
  • 2. Fast Hunter Leveling Guide
    Hunter Leveling Guide- Introduction
    Hunters are insanely easy to level and can be leveled up insanely fast throughout the whole game.
    Whats the reason? They have a unique rapport with their pets, giving them an unstoppable and unmatchable solo capability.
  • 3. Fast Hunter Leveling Guide
    Compared to all the other classes, hunters have massive and consistent DPS (damage per second), which allows them to skip over 10+ levels of training and new abilities.
    This allows hunters to reach godly amounts of experience per hour. Hunters are so good at this that you dont even really need that good of gear (besides weapons perhaps).
    Obviously, having good gear will make leveling much easier. Heirlooms and buffs will do the same of course.
  • 4. Fast Hunter Leveling Guide
    In this Hunter Leveling guide, I will show you how to leverage the strengths of hunters to become an unstoppable leveling machine.
    In dungeons, Hunters produce a ton of DPS. Combined with solid gear choices and practice, hunters will top the damage charts with ease.
    In PvP, Hunters will require more effort. Youll be faced with this harsh reality when you PvP, contrasted with easily leveling. However, hunters can still perform well in PvP and there a ton of highly ranked Hunters in Arena.
  • 5. Fast Hunter Leveling Guide
    With the recent WoW Cataclysm updates, hunters now start off with a pet at level 1. Also, they no longer use Mana, and use Focus instead. Youll have full control over your pets abilities, although the exact pet will differ depending on your race.
    An additional major change is that you are now allowed up to 5 pets instantly able to be summoned up at any time. Youll have access to these pets when you level, although you can only have one present at any particular time.
    Think of this as having Warlock pets. You bring forth any one you want when the time calls for it. Also, the Stables capacity has been buffed.
  • 6. Fast Hunter Leveling Guide
    Hunter Leveling Guide- Types of Server
    In PvP- With the recent release of WoW Cataclysm, PvP is now pretty much level 80 to 85 characters flying all over the world, dropping down, beating you to a pulp and flying away. PvP is pretty much constant ganks. If you like this style of play, be my guest and join a PvP server.
    PvE- In PvE, you are sheltered from being ganked by high level characters. However, you cant do it to others either. Duels, Battlegrounds and Arena are still viable options.
  • 7. Fast Hunter Leveling Guide
    RP- Role players are on this server. You dont have to role play on these servers and most players dont.
    Before creating your hunter, check with, which displays statistics on popular servers. This is helpful you prefer a server with more Horde or Alliance, or more or less players.
  • 8. Fast Hunter Leveling Guide
    Hunter Leveling Guide- Talents
    In this Hunter leveling guide, we recommend the Beast Mastery tree. This offers the greatest leveling speed and even buffs the hunter itself.
    The main advantage of this is that it transforms the Hunters pet into a straight up fighting machine. The hunters pet can even solo many monsters at once. The role of the pet is to gather the mobs while the Hunter hunts them down.
  • 9. Fast Hunter Leveling Guide
    The reason hunters dont need that much gear is this: It doesnt really matter how much damage the pet does, but the strength of this lies in the fact that the pet can hold agrro strongly enough for it to serve as a tank.
    Better gear helps, of course, but good hunters can do well without them.
  • 10. Fast Hunter Leveling Guide
    Both the hunter and his pet can deal high damage at a fast speed. In addition, the hunter can heal the pet. This makes the Hunter an insanely fast leveler.
    Keep in mind that while this spec is the quickest leveling tree, it doesnt mean that you cant have a fun and enjoyable experience with other builds.
  • 11. Fast Hunter Leveling Guide
    Want to learn how to level faster than 99% of WoW players on your ser
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