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  • 1.Boosting Brand Engagement with Game Mechanics Joel Lim

2. Gaming Mechanics:What it is and isnt. 3. Its not about turning your Web applications into games. Its about making themgame-like . And this makes for more engagingexperiences=) 4. Game Mechanics 1)Used well, gaming mechanics make Web design more engaging, sticky, and viral by incentivizing certain behaviors.

  • 2)The core of gaming mechanics include:
  • -Collecting points
  • Feedback
  • Exchange
  • Customization

5. The Psychology Behind Gaming Mechanics 6. : Social connectedness : Psychological well-being : Gratification : Material gain : Reciprocity : Reputation : Attachment to a group : Increased sense of capability in achieving goals USER MOTIVATION 7. 1) Players experience fulfillment through gaming mechanics.

  • 2)Rewards may be:
  • Points
  • Information
  • (need not be of $ value)

Rewarded Learning 8. Theexperienceofgaining virtuallyis very satisfying on its own. 9. Players (always) want more Zones Experiences Upgrades UNLOCKING

  • Plays on human curiosity and
  • creates a desire to advance.
  • Gaining new experience
  • Leveling up

10. Keep them occupied EASY UNLOCKING = IMMEDIATE RESULTS 1) Dont make it too hard to level up or attain new experiences. 2) Small, incremental steps that seeimmediate resultsare best to encourage continual usage.3) This is a great way to retain your customers. 11. Core game mechanics are applied: : Points : Social Exchanges : Leaderboards: Customization : Level Ups= ENGAGING USER EXPERIENCE Social Networking Sites we know and love 12. YouTube has done a brilliant job in making theoverall experience feel game-like , without turning the site into a traditionalgame. Facebook applications encourage aplayful moodand individuals use them both for entertainment purposes and socializaton tools.Rao, 2004Amy Jo Kim, 2009 13. Design Tactics 14. CASE STUDY 1 :Blurring the Lines between Virtual and Reality 15. Encourages users to discover new places and explore their neighbourhood. Friend Finder MOBILE app game Social city-guide 16.

  • : Users check-in to actual places in city usingFoursquare .
  • : Eachfoursquarecheck-in earns user points.
  • [e.g.]
  • Find new place in your neighbourhood
  • (5 points)
  • - Drag a friend along with you(1 point)

17. : As users start checking-in to more interesting places with different people, users will be able to start unlocking badges. : Various badges are available. Eg: - Too much time karaoke - 4 nights out in a row: Users may also suggest new badges. UNLOCKING BADGES /ADVANCING 18. CASE STUDY 2 :Connecting at Ground Level 19. :StarHublaunched a new youth mobile plan with attractive perks.: Formed a guerilla outfit called the MOBILE RAVERS . 20. :Rave Messagesmobile app: Users were allowed to create and sendRave Messages [text messages performed as dance sequences]A message would be performed on screen by aMobile Raverfor their friends. 21. : MOBILE RAVERS Performed in Zouk and the streets of Singapore.Flashcards, giveaways and performances aimed to drive traffic toStarHubsonline portal. ( 22. Game on! 23. References

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