How to Keep a “Perfect 10″ Interested in You

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So youve managed to attract a beautiful woman and you want to know how to keep her interested in you? In your mind shes a perfect 10 and youre worried that shell leave you for some ball player with a fancy sports car. The memory of the 10 that got away can be the most painful memory for a man. So how do you keep her interested and attracted to you? Yes this is possible, but its probably not in the way you think listed below are few dating advice for men in detail.


  • 1. How to Keep a Perfect 10 Interested in You Free Powerpoint Templates Page 1
  • 2. So youve managed to attract a beautiful woman and you want to know how tokeep her interested in you?In your mind shes a perfect 10 andyoure worried that shell leave you forsome ball player with a fancy sports car.The memory of the 10 that got away canbe the most painful memory for a man.So how do you keep her interested andattracted to you? Yes this is possible, butits probably not in the way you thinklisted below are few dating advice for menin detail. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 2
  • 3. How to Keep Her Interested? First,Level the Playing FieldAre you the lucky 6, or perhaps eventhe good looking 8 rated guy who wasfortunate enough to have a perfect 10happen to date you?Believe me, hot woman know that there isno shortage of men interested in datingthem. They know that theyd have no trouble dating the best of the best, so thereis no reason for her to settle for asecondrate guy. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 3
  • 4. So what is it exactly that keeps awoman attracted to a man? Confidence. Like all other women, beautifulwomen are attracted to confident,nonneedy men. So confidence is keyto keeping her interested in you. Thequestion is then, how confident areyou going to be in yourself if you keepthinking of her as a perfect 10instead of just another woman youreinterested in? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 4
  • 5. Youre effectively creating a giant ofher and subconsciously reducingyourself to a dwarf not worthy of her.If you think this type of thinkingdoesnt show on the outside, thenyoure underestimating her femaleintuition. Beautiful women are spoiltfor choice so theyre far less needythan the average women andextremely sensitive to neediness inmen. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 5
  • 6. Keep Her Interested by Appealingto Her Natural Attraction InstinctSimple dating mistakes men makeDid you know that it is possible for awoman to be attracted to a guy that isnot attractive? If you doubt this, justthink about how many dropdead hotwomen youve seen with very averagelooking guys. Not to mention all thegorgeous women out there datingobnoxious jerks. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 6
  • 7. If youre one of the many men whovebeen puzzled by this phenomenon,its because youve not yet understooda womans natural attraction instinct.Many beautiful women will claim thattheyre interested in a man who is anallround nice guy. A guy who is polite,good natured and a real family man. Sowhy then, even when they can have acomplete package man, do they datejerks? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7
  • 8. It stands to reason that women dontunderstand their own natural attraction instincts either. Both men andwomen are hardly self aware andoften dont know what that they trulywant. Thats why you see peopledoing things that are completely contrary to what they say they want out oflife. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 8
  • 9. Think of all the people out therewho say they want to be rich, butsquander their money. Or all thepeople desperate to lose weight,who continue to make unhealthyfood choices and dont make timefor exercise. Most people simplydont understand what really drivesthem. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 9
  • 10. Treat Her Normally to Keep Her Attractedto YouSure, it might seem counterintuitive especially when compared with the lengths othermen will go to impress her and win her affections. But consider this for a minute. Justimagine the amount of attention a really hotwoman gets. From the time she is about 16years old, she probably has at least one hundred men a year interested in dating herand thats being conservative. How are yougoing to stand out from the crowd? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 10
  • 11. Think about it from her perspective for aminute. Imagine her sheer boredom asone guy after the other desperately triesto impress her, pamper her, cater to herevery need, and agree with all her opinions. Not only that. Shes not stupid andobviously knows these guys are onlydoing this to impress her and manipulateher to bed. Dont you think that shes a little burnt out and looking for someonemore genuine? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 11
  • 12. Meanwhile her friends who arentthat pretty seem to be meetingreally nice normal guys who actually care about them. Dont youthink that would get a little frustrating for her. Imagine everyoneevaluating you for how pretty youare and not for your personalityor opinions. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 12
  • 13. Why Do So Many BeautifulGirls Date Jerks?Remember shes looking forsomeone who takes the road lesstraveled who doesnt try so hardto impress her. Shes looking forsomeone who is assured of himself, has his own opinions and isnot afraid to speak his mind . Free Powerpoint Templates Page 13
  • 14. Of course this doesnt mean thatyou have to be rude or disrespectful to her. And it doesntmean you have to be someoneyoure not just to keep her interested in you. But this is why somany attractive women end updating jerks. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 14
  • 15. These guys are the first to put her inher place if she is being bratty andare the kind of guys who are lessworried about what she or otherpeople think. Sure most of theseguys are a little rough around theedges and the women theyre withmight even complain about that. Butthey stay with these guys becausethey appeal to a womans need forsafety, survival and security. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 15
  • 16. The good news is that you can stillbe this type of guy without being ajerk, and when you learn to do this,you become the type of man thatevery woman, even the so calledperfect 10s, dream of.Now go get that girl. Im rooting foryou! Free Powerpoint Templates Page 16
  • 17. Visit : for more dating tips and advice Free Powerpoint Templates Page 17