Kids Club Smilecatch // Family Fun Activities 08

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Smilecatch suggests fun activities that you can organize to spend quality time with children and family.



2. Make a time capsule What is a Time Capsule? Not related to science-fiction, a Time Capsule is a box with the objective of preserving little objects, leaving them untouched. Why make one? Everyone in your family values different things and have differente tastes. With a Time Capsule they have a limited choice and will naturally choose important objects to put inside it. In the future, when your family reopen the box, you will be able to really know how you were and what were your tastes. 3. What do i need? You will need: A sturdy box (well leave the size to you) A lock of some kind to keep the box closed Objects to put inside the box Time of preparation: The activity will last until everyone in your family have chosen an object to put inside the Time Capsule. Where do i keep it? If you have a backyard, a very resistant box and a superb memory, this option will more enjoyable. Otherwise, you should go with your attic, garage or the bottom of your family trunk. When do i open it? Wait at least 10 years before opening the Time Capsule. To better results wait between 20 and 30 years. 4. preparation 1. Choose the box How many objects do you want to put inside it? How many members do your family have? The size of the box will change with the number of objects that will be preserved. Should you bury the Time Capsule, choose a box that is sturdy because, if not, the chance that all objects end up rubbish will increase dramatically. If you plan to keep it above the ground, cardboard boxes and trunks are good choices. 2. The OBJECTS Establish a number of objects per member of your family. The objective of a Time Capsule is to limit the choice of objects so with more than 3 the activity can become pointless. If your children choose toys warn them that they will not be able to play with it again after the closing of the Time Capsule. 5. pREPARATION 3. Put the objects inside the box Movies, books, CDs, toys, photographs, written messages, newspapers, currency, trinkets everything can be put inside the box. If any of the objects requires batteries take them off. Dont choose food or clothes with delicate fabric. Add packs of silica gel to prevent moisture and close the box with a lock or resistant tape so that it cannot be opened. 4. Choose a date to open it and wait Together with your family choose a year to open your Time Capsule. The longer you wait to open it, the more successful this activity will be and the feeling of nostalgia youll feel even greater. 6. Cook Mini-pizzas Why cook? Teach your kids to cook is good for them. It teachs them to be precise, careful and helps them understand the whole process of cooking. Should I try other dishes? Why mini-pizzas? You can and should try other dishes but keep them for other opportunities. Since its (probably) the first time of your kids cooking, its better to let them cook a fun dish. Besides that, children like to knead and choose their favorite ingredients. 7. Ingredients Pizza dough: 1kg of wheat flour 30g of bakers yeast 3 cups of warm water cup of oil 1 teaspoon of salt 1 teaspoon of sugar Search for: A plain table to knead and smooth the pizza dough. Time of preparation: Around 1 hour 8. cooking 1. Make the pizza dough Start by dissolving the bakers yeast, the salt and the sugar with a bit of warm water. Gradually add the wheat flour, oil and water. Use the water to help you take off bits of flour that are still stuck to your hands. With the pizza dough done let it leaven for about 30 minutes. 2. Knead If your kids like to play with modelling clay then you can relax because you have at your disposal true masters at kneading. The dough must be kneaded on a plain table with a layer of flour so that it wont stick to it. When youre finished kneading the dough, do small holes with a fork. 9. cOOKING 3. Tomato sauce (optional) If you want to cover the dough with tomato sauce we give you instructions for this simples process. Chop 1 onion and 2 cloves of garlic and braise them in olive oil. When the onions become translucent add small bits of tomatoes (1 can) and season it with salt, oreganos and tomato pulp. Leave it cooking mildly for about 20 minutes. 4. Choose the topping With the pizza dough done its time to let your children choose their favorite ingredients. Mini-pizza is a versatile dish so almost every ingredient of your kitchen can be used. Let each element of your family decorate their own mini-pizza. 10. See you in next games!