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  • 1. A2 Media Music Video Analysis

2. Who is the Artist and Music Genre? The music artist I chose whose Music Video to analyze was Rudimental, who are a British quartet made up of songwriters/producers - Piers Agget, Kesi Dryden, Amir Amor and DJ Locksmith. There genre is primarily electronic music. The band has been active for nearly 3 years now their first album was released in 2013. Ella Eyre is a 19 year old artist who collaborated with Rudimental on this single. She is yet to release any other material. 3. Rudimental - Waiting All Night feat. Ella Eyre Rudimental as signed to Asylum Records and an independent label named Black Butter. Asylum Records originally started out in America in 1971 but only achieved its first number 1 on the UK charts with Waiting All Night in 2013. Asylum Records is part of the major record company Warner Music Group (WMG). 4. Is it mainly a performance video, or does it include other elements? The music video features several people on BMXs riding around and doing tricks before one of them, Kurt is injured. It also includes people who are presumed to be the family of the Kurt who has become an amputee after the incident. The rest of the music video sees Kurt just chilling with his friends and watching them on their BMXs while he is still wheelchair bound. The video also shows Kurt trying his best to get in a fit state and get a prosthetic leg to learn how to walk again and not long after he is back on a BMX. 5. Use of Camera The camera is hand-held and this gives it a more personal and documentary feel. This fits in with the backstory of the music video which is about a real life incident of Kurt Yaeger, a BMX champion who becomes an amputee from the incident. There is quite a lot of Close Ups(CUs) used in the music video as illustrated in the images below. There is also some long shots that show off the location/background. 6. Editing This music video doesnt include any lip synching. It instead follows the story of Kurt Yaeger over the 5 minute video concerning his amputation. The editing features many cuts but near to the beginning also a cut to black which would connotation a time shift and mood. Other than that there isnt really any other effects or significant editing taken place due to the nature of the music video. 7. Mise En Scene The bikers wear casual clothes throughout the music video. There is also a nurse in the video who wears the typical nurse uniform. Featured in the Music Video are realistic locations such as a hospital room, bike parks and also run down streets and alleyways(near the beginning). There are noticeable props like BMXs which are significant in this video and also ordinary props in the hospital.


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