Breaking the silence code

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<ol><li> 1. Breaking the Silence Code Silence is used for meditation, it is used as punishment, it is used to think about things, and it is used to ponder over the days events or to remember past loved ones. Silence is where our minds, in their greatest and most powerful use, dwell with equanimity and full strength. However, if you have ever lived with someone who is angry and silent about it or who uses silence as a punishment, then you are looking at a situation where you need to be able to break the silence code. In these times, we have some suggestions for you: First of all, make sure you are aware of the persons body language and personal demeanor. This will tell you a lot more than just if they are angry or not. It will tell you if they are angry because they feel threatened, because they feel insulted, or because they feel hurt. Secondly, make sure that you pay attention to the memories you have of this particular person. If you know anything about them, you should know whether this behavior is typical of their good or bad moods. Make sure that you are not transferring a bad experience you had with someone else onto this person. Thirdly, be sure and feel them out before drawing any set conclusions about them. For example, you might say something softly to them, in keeping with their silent state, and see if they burst into talking or if they answer in a manner which is not typical for them. It is also important to remember that most people are either morning people or evening people (some are just afternoon people), and that any other time of the day may be too much for their personal skills. CMM Technology hopes that you only have mild problems with silence from your employees, and that none of it is due to drug or alcohol abuse on the worksite. If, however, that is the case, then we afford you the opportunity to know about it as it happens. Our drug test equipment, alcohol test, and NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration services are all at your disposal. This article has been taken from: </li></ol>