How to improve memory power

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1. How to Improve Memory Power Your memory is one of the most preciousgifts you possess. You alone are responsible for maintainingand improving your memory. The more you do to improve your memory,the longer it will serve you. There are many things you can do toimprove your memory. 2. Simple life changes number one, get a good nights sleep. This is such an easy solution to boosting your memorypower. If youre not getting enough sleep you could be depletingyour brain power which in turn will affect your memory. There have been numerous studies conducted todocument the effects of sleep deprivation on memory. In an attempt to avoid the boring statistics I will simplysummarize their results and conclusions. People who had a good nights sleep could easily recallinformation as opposed to groups that were sleepdeprived. 3. Simple life change number twoimprove, your physical shape You can boost your brain power and getyour memory back on track, simply bydoing a little exercise. The benefits of improving your physicalcondition will also improve your memorypower. 4. Inside your body there is actually a physicalconnection between your brain and yourmuscles this is called the neuromuscularjunctionSimply put getting regular exercise such aswalking, or engaging your muscles in physicalactivity can result in a heightened awarenessand improve your memory. Aside from all the memory benefits, you will alsobe getting stronger and healthier. 5. Walking Program Researchers have concluded that exercisefurther affects memory, and your overall health.So why not start a simple walking program?Depending on your degree of fitness you canstart a simple three days a week, 45 min. a daywalking program.As your fitness level improves you can increaseyour fitness program by adding resistancetraining. 6. Visit the Memory and receive my ten part memory improvement mini-course just for stopping buy.


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