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Clinical importance of Pittadhara Kala


  • 1. HAVEKnowledgeClinical importance of Pittadhara Kala Guest lecture at AMC, Davangere Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad M.D.(KC), M.A, Ph.D (Jyo) doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 1
  • 2. Need to knowKala are very much neglected in the clinicalmedicineKala possess major importance in the bodyMany diseases of present day are specificallyKala concern, such as Grahani (Pittadharakala)Durmedas (Medodhara Kala)Infertility (Sukra dhara kala)Musculo skeletal problems (Mamsadhara kala)I.B.S ( Pureeshadhara kala) etc. doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 2
  • 3. Many a times we never think ofunderstanding the structural disturbancesin the body and rectification of thestructural integrity disturbed by the doshain the bodyApart from the rectification andpacification of the dosha out of srotodustilakshana Atipravrutti & Apravrutti(Sanga) Sira granthi & Vimargagamanaare essential to examine in detailRectify the structural and functionaldisturbances of Kala With specialreference to Kayachikitsa doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 3
  • 4. Pittadhara Kala Pitta & Agni Ama Ama PradoshajaPittadhara kala Janya Vyadhi Pittadhara Kala Chikitsa doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 4
  • 5. Saptakala VijnanaKala are seven in numberKala lies in between the Dhatu andAshayaKala are like pith of the steam in theTissuesMs: Zsum xmixqpuli kiuvrliU qrS:rj W xU: Mwccqlw Svri - x.v 4/5 doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 5
  • 6. Kala Nomenclature The fluid between the Dhatu and Ashaya subjected to the heat developed from Ushma gives rise the Kala The Kala is covered by the layer of phlegmkiuvrliUYsS: umYu: xu xuqwqh vswqxlrumUcN: MsZr: MxUui, ixxmi A..v 3/9 doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 6
  • 7. Kala Division1) Mamsadhara kala2) Raktadhara kala3) Medodhara kala4) Shleshmadhara kala5) Pureeshadhara kala6) Pittadhara kala7) Shukradhara kala doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 7
  • 8. Difference of opineKala is defined as a layer between Rasa-Rakta Mamsa Medo- Asti Majja Shukra, 7 dhatu and Vata Pitta Shleshma Ama Mala Mootra Raktashaya of 7Ashayas2nd opine is dhatu means Mamsa Rakta Medas Shleshma and Sukra along with theAshaya as Pittashaya, Pakwashaya.Both of the above are considered & needsfurther discussion to specify any one of them doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 8
  • 9. Pittadhara Kala Pittadhara Kala is 6th in order Receives when the food is propelled from Amashaya Holds in the Pakwashaya - The four verities of food ingested viz. Asita, Khadiata, Peeta and LeedawmkU lq, r ciukqmlqmrqqvrimcri mYuvrmxji kUri -x.v 4/17 doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 9
  • 10. Structural Aspect of Pittadhara KalaIn between Pakwashaya and AmashayaHolds the food at PakwashayaThese statements refer to the activityconcern and states that the Pittadhara kala isas such below to that of the Ashaya whichholds the undigested food and in the Ashayawhich propels the digested food forabsorption With the function of assimilationmYuqvrqkrxjaWh mUMii Aqvrimcri mYuvrmxji kUri -x.v 4/17 doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 10
  • 11. As the Sigmoid colonand Rectum aretermed with PureeshaVaha srotas and linedby PureeshadharaKala these parts ofGIT are ruled out ofthe discussion ofpittadharakala doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 11
  • 12. From mouth till to and in theAmashaya 4 food varietiesare passed in undigested form thus comfortably can betermed as Amashaya doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 12
  • 13. Consideration of AmashayaAmashaya is with undigested foodContemporary science explains as carbohydrate digestion starts at mouth andprotein at stomach and fats at duodenumAs the fat digestion is continued till to that ofJejunum it has to be considered even theduodenum is also as a part of AmashayaEven at the Jejunum, absorption doesnt takesplace thus till to that of Ileum jejunum junction Amashaya extends doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 13
  • 14. The part betweenJejunum and Sigmiodcolon is the Ileum Pakwa-Amashayamadhya is the partanatomically to consideras Grahani orPittadhara Kala doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 14
  • 15. Functional Aspect of Pittadharakala It digests the 4 verities of food Digestion in terms of Pachana Vivechana Mumchana All the functions of Pitta are attributed to Pittadharakala based on the concept of Adhara-Adheya bhava. The integrity of the Pittadhara kala (Grahani) depends upon the proper function of Agni so it can be termed as even Agnidhra KalaaWhrosqalW ---- ixqSal mSwi aWhxmSwrii- x.EU- QsWh 40/170 doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 15
  • 16. Enumeration & Examination of FunctionsFunctions of Pittadharakala are enumerated by -Grahana - collection (GrahanaPittadharakala - Amashayastha)Pachana - digestion (PachanaPittadharakala - Pachyamanashayastha)Vivechana & Mumunchana Separation& Absorption (Vivechana Pittadharakala- Pakwashayastha) doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 16
  • 17. Grahana - collectionThe collection anomalies (Functional orOrganic) are subjected to the movementsof the stomach to make the food asamalgam andTo initiate the normal peristalticmovements in the intestinesMain diseases pertained are of Grahaniroga Kosta stabdhata - sroto sanga(carcinoma, etc) - etc,. Even Dosha wisediseases can be enumerated doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 17
  • 18. Pachana - digestionThe digestion disturbances are wellnarrated in Ayurveda and many Agni interlinked diseases are explainedTo initiate the normal Agni, examination ofAgni is necessaryMain diseases pertained to Agni are -Agnimandya, Ajeerna, Parinamashoola, Annadrava shoola, etc,. doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 18
  • 19. Summary ofchemicalevents indigestion doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 19
  • 20. Vivechana & Mumunchana Separation & AbsorptionWater, electrolytes, and vitamins can beabsorbed without preliminary processing, butspecial transport mechanisms are commonlyinvolved.The intestinal epithelium then absorbs themonosaccharides by facilitated diffusion andcotransport mechanisms.cells lining the small intestine will continue toabsorb glucose when glucose concentrationsinside the cells are much higher than they are inthe intestinal contents. doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 20
  • 21. triglycerides, in company with absorbedsteroids and phospholipids, are then coatedwith proteins, creating complexes known aschylomicronsamino acids, as well as those produced bythe pancreatic enzymes, are absorbedthrough both facilitated diffusion andcotransport mechanismsThe anions chloride, iodide, bicarbonate, andnitrate may be absorbed through diffusion orcarrier-mediated transport. Phosphate andsulfate ions enter epithelial cells onlythrough active transport. doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 21
  • 22. Here I wish to make a commentAyurveda and Contemporary medicines areappropriative and doesnt fit one to another aslike Relative theory and Quantum theoryAyurveda is like a Relative theory of Einsteen,which speaks about the G GravityOn the other hand contemporary medicalsciences speak of Quantum theory of Electromagnetism, Strong force and Weak forceA major exercise is necessary to understand andbind the two poles of Health sciences doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 22
  • 23. Secretion andwaterabsorption inthe Digestivetract - suggeststhe placementof thePittadhara Pittadhara KalaKalaphysiologicallyafter the PureeshadharaDuodenum Kalaand before tothe IleoceacalValve doctorksrprasad@gmail.com 23
  • 24. Pittadhara Kala Pitta & Agni