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1. AROMA SPA RETREAT THEONLY SPA ON THE BEACHFRONT 2. AWARD WINNING SPA EXCELENCE AWARDTRIP ADVISOR 2012/2013/2014 3. TIME: 1 hour 50 minutes $55Includes:Choose from one of our threespecialty massages. They allinclude an Indonesian Jamuwelcome drink, refreshing cooltowel and foot cleanseTHREE STYLES1. Firm Detox Massage: this is ourdeeply relaxing, specialty massage.Uses a detoxifying blend of juniper,black pepper and ginger oilsincorporating both Lomi Lomi andSwedish style of massage.2. Aroma EssenceMassage: various inhalations areused in conjunction with longstretching movements to open yourenergy paths and releaseblockages. Incorporates a warmvirgin coconut oil blended withlavender, lime and ylang-ylang. Abeautiful, firm, but softer style ofmassage.3. Aroma Balinese Massage: aunique sequence of movementsstimulates the lymphatic systemand suits all pressure types. Usesan invigorating blend of eucalyptus, 4. ABSOLUTE SERENITY 5. EUROPEAN HYGIENESTANDARDSEXPERT STAFF 6.